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Current Issue CoverWelcome to Freelance Traveller!

This web site is intended to be a resource where you can find information on all aspects of the Traveller science-fiction role-playing adventure system. We hope that you will find this site interesting and useful.

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Our Departments

Active Measures
Adventures. There is one subsection, Getting Off The Ground, which contains adventure seeds in the standard "Adventure Seed" (scenario-plus-possible-solutions) format.
Regular columns by regular columnists. Our current active column is Timothy Collinson's Confessions of a Newbie Referee, and past columns that you can still read include The Fifth Imperium, Shannon Appelcline's guide to refereeing Mongoose Traveller, and Essay Question, where our readers can share their thoughts on various aspects of Traveller.
Critic's Corner
Reviews of Traveller products, for our readers, by our readers. There are three subsections: LinkLooks, where reviews of Traveller-related websites may be found; Other People's Toys, where we carry reviews of non-Traveller gaming materials of interest to Traveller players; and Off The Table, reviewing fiction that the reviewer feels has a connection to Traveller.
Doing It My Way
"House rules", ruleset mixes, and modifications or extensions to rules. Any version of Traveller is fair game, whether currently in print or not. There are several subsections for different types of rules.
In A Store Near You
Goods that the player-characters might encounter as available for purchase. Some may be truly useful in a campaign; others are for "color". There are currently four subsections:
The Gun Shop
Personal weapons. Not all of these will necessarily fit the normal definition of "gun" (e.g., grenades), but all will be weapons that a single person can carry and use.
Handle With Care
Items of all sorts that may present a hazard to the unwary character.
The Promenade
Describes the shops that the players might purchase goods in. For campaign "color".
The Showroom
Vehicles of all types, all tech levels, for getting around when a spaceship or starship Just Won't Do.
Information Center
This section is for non-game support of Traveller - software listings (and some downloads), pointers to other websites, news about publishers, product listings, and so on.
Articles here will be for "background color" to a campaign, to give the setting depth. Has several subsections:
Art and Entertainment
Activities and entertainments that are often associated with "culture", whether performance art like dance or opera forms, or fine arts such as painting or sculpture.
At Home, We Do It Like This
Descriptions of interesting local customs and traditions.
Games People Play
Descriptions of games and sports of all types.
The Club Room
Describes organizations such as religions, clubs, and lodges. Also used for racial, cultural, and societal profiles, similar to the series of "Contact!" articles in the original printed Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society.
Lecture Hall and Library
"Color" articles written in a style that might fit well in an encyclopedia, collection of public or university lectures, or other scholarly compilation.
The Lab Ship
This section is for articles about real-world science, both established and "cutting edge", that may be of use for adding verisimilitude to a campaign universe.  Not for reprints of commercially published articles; rather, authors should discuss the science and provide some ideas and/or outlines of rules for incorporating the science into a Traveller campaign.
Less Dangerous Game
This section is for articles about animals that might be encountered in a game.
Multimedia Gallery
Artwork created by Traveller fans. May include still pictures, movie clips, music, and anything else that can be made available through the World Wide Web.
Other Roads
Describe your Traveller universe as a setting. Emphasis should be on the differences from the standard setting, and should be at the game level, e.g., allowed technologies, political alignments, different star maps, and so on.  Variant rules for play, however, should be submitted for Doing It My Way.
Raconteur's Rest
Traveller-based fiction. Can be pure storytelling, or "novelization" of an actual campaign. There is one subsection, Lost Diaries, where the stories are implied - and left unfinished - by a series of entries in a diary or log.
The Shipyard
Articles about starships and ship-related topics. Includes ship profiles, deck plans and pictures, and alternative technologies.
Up Close and Personal
Descriptions of individuals that could be encountered in a campaign, as patrons, opponents, contacts, rivals, allies, and so on.
Translated Articles
Some articles have been translated to or from languages other than English. Find the non-English versions here.

Freelance Traveller is Fan-Supported

It says so at the top of every page: "The Electronic Fan-Supported Traveller Resource".  What that means is that the vast majority of our material is written by fans for fans. If you're a fan, you can be part of it! Our submission guidelines tell how to submit material to us; what material you submit is up to you!

You can Help Us 

If you have any ideas on how to make Freelance Traveller better, tell us! While we don't guarantee that we will implement all suggestions, we do guarantee that every suggestion will be read and considered. Use our Feedback page, or mail directly to us at editor@freelancetraveller.com.

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