J. Andrew Keith's full name was John Andrew Keith. This is his High School photograph... apparently Andrew was a bit camera-shy and this picture was the most recent one his brother, William H. Keith, Jr. had in his photograph album.


Make haste to the ramparts, men of the Legion!
Slam shut the gates and prepare for the storm!
The hard-riding horsemen of Mexico's rebels
Have run you to ground here at grim Camerone!
One band of heroes must hold out against them,
Hireling soldiers of every nation,
Who stand in the name of France though she has scorned them,
And stand for the pride of the Foreign Legion!

Hasten to arms, men of the Second,
And keep alive one spark of old liberties!
The Emperor's host has besieged Areopolis,
Spreading destruction and foul tyranny!
Though you are cast-offs and misfits and exiles,
Though you're outnumbered and badly outgunned,
You'll hold back the Empire until you go under,
And die for the pride of the Foreign Legion!

Hasten to battle, to die for the Empire,
Fighting a lost cause on stark Ganymede!
Bold Marshal F'Rujuk will lead the resistance
Driven by oaths and the Warrior's Creed.
Men of the Third check their spacesuits and rifles,
Still waging war though their comrades have run,
Honor, Fidelity, Duty still bind them
To stand for the pride of the Foreign Legion!

Hasten to action, down from your caverns,
Legionnaires trapped here on fair Devereaux!
The Semti have cut off the Fourth Foreign Legion,
And left it alone to face Man's greatest foe!
Every man knows he's destined to die here,
Under the light of a far distant sun,
So we'll make a last raid and at least go down fighting,
And maintain the pride of the Foreign Legion!

Hasten to muster the Fifth Foreign Legion!
Mount on your Sandrays and rev up the fans!
The black ships have landed, disgorging battalions
Of glittering Ubrenfar warrior clans!
Soldiers of Terra's Colonial Army,
Heirs to the ancient and proud tradition,
The battlefield calls you to Honor and Glory,
To fight for the pride of the Foreign Legion!


[Was to have appeared in the fourth book of the Fifth Foreign Legion series. Verses inspired by Rudyard Kipling and set to the tune "The Song of the Shield Wall" composed by Mellisa A. Williamson.]

Andrew was a rather prolific Science Fiction and Role-Playing Game author, and the bibliography presented below is in no way comprehensive. Several of these works were with various co-authors, most commonly his brother, William H. Keith, Jr.

* A note regarding pen names in the words of William H. Keith, Jr.:

"We shared several: Keith William Andrews, Keith Douglass, and H. Jay Riker. Back in the Traveller days, when he was doing a ton of writing for the old Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society, he used several pen names, including Keith Douglass and John Marshall, so it wouldn't look like the journal was entirely an Andrew Keith production."

Science Fiction Novels

Wing Commander: False Colors
Wing Commander: Heart of the Tiger
The Fifth Foreign Legion: March or Die
The Fifth Foreign Legion: Honor and Fidelity
The Fifth Foreign Legion: Cohort of the Damned
Battletech: Blood of Heroes
Battletech: Mercenary's Star

Science Fiction Short Stories

The Legacy of Leonidas
Rendezvous with Death
Orion Rising

Traveller RPG Material

Books, Supplements, and Folio Adventures: Cargonaut Press, Digest Group Publications, FASA, Gamelords, GDW, Marischal Adventures, and Seeker.

Alien Module 1: Aslan
Alien Module 2: K'Kree
Alien Module 3: Vargr
Alien Module 4: Zhodani
Alien Module 5: Droyne
Alien Module 7: Hivers
Alien Realms
Aliens for Traveller
Arctic Environment
Ascent to Anekthor
Chamax Plague
Exotic Atmospheres: Special Supplement 2
Faldor: World of Adventure
Fate of the Sky Raiders
Flight of the Stag
Grand Census
Grand Survey
Harrensa Project
Legend of the Sky Raiders
Letter of Marque
Merchant Prince: Special Supplement 1
Mountain Environment
Murder on Arcturus Station
Night of Conquest
Nomads of the World Ocean
Ordeal by Eshaar
Pilot's Guide to the Drexilthar Subsector, A
Rogues in Space: Letter of Marque
Rogues in Space: Scam
Salvage Mission
Starport Planetfall
Startown Liberty
Stazlekh Report, The
Trading Team
Trail of the Sky Raiders
Traveller Adventure
Travellers' Aid Society Alien Encyclopedia
Undersea Environment
Uragyad'n of the Seven Pillars
Wanted: Adventurers
World Builder's Handbook

Magazine Articles: Challenge, Far and Away, Far Traveller, High Passage, Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, MegaTraveller Journal, Space Gamer, Traveller Chronicle, and Travellers' Digest:

Adventures in Traveller: Exploration
Adventures in Traveller: Trade and Commerce
Adventures in Traveller: Wilderness Situations
Adventurette: Jailbreak
Adventurette: Night Rescue
Adventurette: The Last Bastion
Adventurette: Trial By Justice
Amber Zone: Drannixa Gambit
Amber Zone: Embassy in Arms
Amber Zone: Lockbox
Amber Zone: Raid on Stataorlai
Amber Zone: Royal Hunt
Amber Zone: Small Package
Amber Zone: The Birthday Plot
Amber Zone: Tournament
Amber Zone: Tuktaar Connection
Amber Zone Ventures Afar
Amber Zone: Without a Trace
Awaiting Shipment: Petrochemicals
Bestiary: Afeahyaltow
Bestiary: Crested Jabberwock
Bestiary: Doyle's Eel
Bestiary: Garhawk
Bestiary: Ice Crawler
Bestiary: Luugir
Boarding Pass: Jalas Glennol
Caledon Highlanders
Care and Feeding of NPCs
Casual Encounter: Emil "Boomer" Brankovich
Casual Encounter: Enli Iddukagan
Casual Encounter: Fast "Johnny" McRae
Casual Encounter: Gamaagin Kaashukiin
Casual Encounter: Glorinna Firella
Casual Encounter: Gunnar Haelvedssen
Casual Encounter: Ramon San Yarvo
Casual Encounter: Ringaal DeAstera
Casual Encounter: Simone Garibaldi
Civilian Striker Weapons
Closest Encounter
Compleat Starport
Computer Implants
Computer Software for High Guard
Contact: Ael Yael
Contact: Aslan
Contact: The Girug'kagh
Contact: Irklan
Contact: The Girug'kagh
Contact: The Virushi
Dev Landrel
Flare Star
Hunting Bugs
I'm a Doctor, Not a. . .
In Transit: Grav Mining Vehicle
In Transit: Orbital Tug
Newcomers, The
Outside the Expanses: Reaver's Deep
Pilot's Guide to Ea Subsector
Pilot's Guide to the Caledon Subsector, A
Pilot's Guide to the Scotian Deep Subsector
Planetfall: Supplementary Material for MegaTraveller
Port Authority Handbook: Arrival In-System
Port Authority Handbook: Communications
Port Authority Handbook: Convoys
Port Authority Handbook: Interdicted Planets
Port Authority Handbook: Inward Clearance
Port of Call: Rejhappur
Port of Call: Roakhoi
Reavers' Deep Sector
Referee's Guide to Planet-building, Parts I and II
Religion in the Two Thousand Worlds
Ship's Locker: Flares and Signalling Devices
Ship's Locker: Torches and Welding Equipment
Ship's Locker: Vargr Corsair Bands
Small Cargoes and Special Handling
Small Cargoes: Three for the Road
Small Cargoes: Afeahyakhtow
Small Cargoes: Hkyadwaeh
Striking it Rich
Temperature in Traveller
Traveller: The Final Frontier
Traveller's Gear: Body Pressure Suit
Travelling Without a Starship
Umpire Strikes Back!, The
Vargr Grav Platforms
Wardn Enigma
World's of the Imperium: Fisher's World

Misc. Traveller Credits: FASA, and Seeker:

Adventure Class Ships I - Booklet II
Adventure Class Ships II - Booklet I & II
Aslan Mercenary Ships - Booklet I & II
I.S.C.V. Leander - Booklet (scenarios: The Hostage, Terminal Velocity, and Raider!)
I.S.P.M.V. Fenris - Booklet (scenarios: Boring From Within, Prisoners at Large, and Suprise Reversed)
I.S.P.M.V. Tethys - Booklet (scenarios: Enemy Action, Staff Meeting, and Retreat from Stiara)
Merchant Class Ships - Booklet I & II
Starport Module I: Hotel Complex - Booklet (scenarios: Break-In, The Gamblers, and Hostages)
Z.I.S.M.V. Vlezhdatl - Booklet (scenarios: Boarding Action, Prize Crew, and Escape)

My special thanks to William H. Keith, Jr. for the photograph and other information, as well as to Timothy Collinson, Bryan Borich, and Jimmy Simpson for supplying much of the material contained in the bibliography.

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