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The RICE Archives

The RICE Archives are a series of articles published under the ζgis of the Regency Institute for Cultural Education.  These papers discuss aspects of the culture of the Regency (formerly the Domain of Deneb), and are classified under this heading if no more appropriate heading within Freelance Traveller can be determined. (Articles from the RICE Archives that do fall under other headings will have entries in both locations.) It is recommended that visitors to the RICE Archives read the Introduction, the guide to interpreting RICE Papers and the Letter from the RICE Trustees to gain an understanding of the structure and purpose of the RICE Papers, and of the history of the RICE.

Articles from the RICE Archives, regardless of their classification within Freelance Traveller, will be indicated by the top level title "Freelance Traveller/The RICE Archives" and the "ringed sun" logo containing the stylized flame. This, the symbol of the RICE, represents both the Imperial heritage of the Regency, and the promise made in the final communication with the rest of Imperial space prior to the Collapse, "We keep the flame."