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Introduction to The Lost Diaries

The fragment of the "lost diary" is a popular literary device.  It has been used to provide the impetus to adventure, in the form of clues toward all sorts of things, such as lost technology, super-weapons, treasure lodes, evidence that an antagonist is guilty of some heinous crime, evidence that a protagonist or hero is not guilty of some crime, and so on. The diary almost never tells the whole story; just enough to make others want to know more.

The Lost Diaries here on Freelance Traveller are both less, and more. Less, in that the real-life writers may not have had a particular framework for an adventure in mind (those would be found in Active Measures); more, in that they're therefore completely open, and a creative referee - or creative players - might be able to use any of them to take an adventure in totally unforeseen directions, with equally unforeseen results.

They will all have some things in common, however:

In some ways, this is a different sort of material than Freelance Traveller has made available in the past. But the editor thinks it's worthwhile, and the editor and the authors all hope you enjoy it.