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The Freelance Traveller Cookbook

The Freelance Traveller Cookbook is something of an experiment, which has its roots in some of the discussions of culture-building that Your Humble Editor has had in various Traveller forums, and in many years of participation in the Society for Creative Anachronism, and in Timothy Collinson’s article on Vargr merd (November/December 2016, p.52), and in the section of his article on props that briefly discusses merd as a prop for a game at TravellerCon/UK (November/December 2016, p.31, article starts on p.29).

The editor envisions this as a place to share Traveller-connected recipes, and perhaps some of their back-stories. If you’ve used food as a prop, like Mr Collinson did, share the recipe here, along with some back-story about how using it as a prop, and why you decided to do what you did, came to pass. If you host a gaming session, and rather than just putting out a few bags of sweet and/or crunchy snacks and bottled beverages, you make something quick, easy, and different-and-interesting, tell us about it here, and include the recipe. If you’ve been putting together a culture for a Traveller game, and thought about the food they eat, and experimented to approximate what it would taste like to them, and liked the results, tell us about it, and give us the complete recipe—both in the “native” form (cured shalap with roasted argu), and redacted into 21st-century Terra reproducible form (ham with roasted potatoes and walnuts)—along with the relevant cultural information. Pictures of how the “prop” food or the culture-building meal came out, along with comments on the process you used to arrive at the idea, are welcome as part of the article.

How well this works depends on you. This is yet another way to exercise your creativity, one that can be used entirely outside the Traveller community.