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The #Traveller (Undernet) and #LoneStar (Communiti) IRC Channels

#Traveller and #LoneStar are both managed by Freelance Traveller editor Jeff Zeitlin, who can be found in-channel as "FreeTrav". At the present time, there are no assistant managers, but Jeff would welcome inquiries if traffic in the channels picks up.

As a bit of whimsy, the channels have been given a 'starport bar and cafe' motif; your bartender is Brubek. You might want to familiarize yourself with his commands and triggers.

Beginning in May 2002, there have been and will be occasional 'scheduled topic' chats. These chats will be announced in-channel, on the Traveller Mailing List, and on the SFRPG, Mongoose, and Citizens of the Imperium forums. A list of topics for these chats appears below. Chats are currently planned as 'open mic' chats; if this proves problematical, active moderation will be imposed. We hope you'll find the topics interesting, and that you'll participate.

In October 2003, a bridge was established between the two channels.  Both communities responded well to this, and we encourage people to come visit us on either channel.

In July 2006, Freelance Traveller began offering a pure HTTP/Javascript interface to #Lonestar, but somewhere along the line, that stopped working. While we recommend using a 'real' IRC client (see below),  late in 2018, Per-Olof Bergstedt, the owner of The Zhodani Base website, offered us links to his web-based IRC client (from kiwiirc) for #traveller.

You can find widely-recommended IRC clients at the sites below. There are other clients as well.

mIRC, http://www.mirc.co.uk
XChat, http://www.xchat.org or http://www.silverex.org/news/
XChat, http://www.xchat.org
Mac (OS 9 or earlier)
Ircle, http://www.ircle.com (OS 7 or later)
Mac (OS X or later)
Ircle, http://www.ircle.com (OS X.1 or later)
Snak, http://www.snak.com (OS X.2 or later)

Previously Held Chats

Click on the highlighted title to see the transcript.

Scheduled Chats and Topics

There are currently no chats scheduled. Chat dates/times will usually be posted in United States Eastern Time (local time for New York) and UTC; you can convert to your local time at http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc.

Proposed Topics

Note that topics previously selected for chats may be revisited