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November/December 2022


Nov/Dec 2022 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Theme Issue: Psionics
Critics’ Corner No Questions Asked Jeff Zeitlin
21 Plots Too Ewan Quibell
Dra’k’ne Station Paul Anuni
Cepheus Deluxe Brett Kruger
Up Close & Personal Interview with John Watts of Independence Games Brett Kruger
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #59: More Music Timothy Collinson
The Shipyard MegaTraveller Designs: Surcouf-class Corsair Ewan Quibell
Multimedia Gallery Twilight Stories #1: Port of Transit Mike Cross
The Prep Room Using AI for Your Cepheus Engine Setting P-O Bergstedt
Doing It My Way Cepheus Lethal Hits A.R. Kavli
Active Measures Helzr’s Recovery, Salvage, and Reposession Service Part 2 Graham Bayley
Less Dangerous Game Garinars Graham Bayley

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From the Editor

I want to start by apologizing—TravellerCON/USA and a couple of other things cut into my time for putting this issue together, and as a result, I ended up reprinting more articles than I usually prefer. The ones I chose were all originally presented in Cepheus Journal, and, having acknowledged that, I must also acknowledge—no, I must proclaim—that the CJ authors and editors have kept up the standard of quality that I believed I saw when I wrote my review of the first three issues in the March/April 2021 Freelance Traveller. As I said in that review, if you read Freelance Traveller for ideas, you should also read Cepheus Journal.

After reading P-O Bergstedt’s article on using AI generators for gaming (reprinted in this issue), I played a bit with the Wombo Dream art generator. One of the better results that I got from various Traveller-related ‘captions’ is the cover of this issue.

This year’s TravellerCON/USA theme was psionics, and I was able to put together a good collection of articles for the September/October issue; thank you to everyone who sent in relevant articles. Next year’s theme will be Free Traders; please start thinking about (and writing!) good articles for that theme so that next year’s September/October issue will be as focused as this years. Don’t let that stop you from writing articles on anything Traveller that might come to mind, though; as usual, I can use anything and everything Traveller that you have the desire to create and share..