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Surcouf-class Corsair

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2022 issue.

CraftID: Surcouf class, Corsair, Type P, TL11, Cr 241,204,237
Hull: 396/990, Disp=440, Config=4USL, Armour=40E,
Unloaded=5533.392 tons, Loaded=6521.624 tons
Power: 38/76, Fusion=3348 Mw, Duration=30/90
Loco: 32/64, Manoeuvre=3, 12/24, Jump=2,
Cruse=2135 kph, Top=2850 kph, Agility=0
Comm: Radio=System3
Sensors: EM Mask, Active EMS=FarOrbit, Passive EMS=Interstellar,
Densomiter=High Pen (1m), Neutrino=1Gw,
Radiation Sensor=V Distant, Magnetic Sensor=V Distant, Headlight4
ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout,
PasObjectScan=Formidable, PasObjectPin=Formidable,
PasEngScan=Rout, PasEngPin=Formidable
BeamLaser= xx3
Batt 1
Bear 1
Def: DefDM=+3
Control: Computer=23, Special=HeadsUp display9, Panel=Dynamic Link1235,
Environ=basic env, basic ls, extend ls, grav plates, inertial compensators
Accom: Crew=9 (Bridge=3, Engineering=3, Gunners=2, Command=1), Stateroom=9, Emergency Low=2
Other: Cargo=903.861 kliters, Fuel=2987.28 kliters, ObjSize=Average, EmLevel=Faint
Comment: Triple Beam Laser Turret
Construction Time=96 weeks single, 77 weeks multiple
Cost in Quantity=Cr 192,963,389

The Surcouf-class Corsair was initially designed for commerce raiding with ships of the class being provided to captains with letters of marque in times of war where the captain and crew would conduct themselves according to naval law and would be expected to be treated as prisoners of war if captured.

Outside times of war the Surcouf class is not profitable as a normal merchantman, so many crews and captains turned to outright piracy.