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No Questions Asked

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2022 issue.

No Questions Asked. Adrian Kennelley.
Azukail Games https://azukailgames.com
24pp., PDF

No Questions Asked identifies itself as an expansion of an adventure seed in the publisher’s product A Baker’s Dozen of Inhabited Worlds. The PCs are asked to deliver a cargo surreptitiously, without being nosy about the details. The destination is an industrial world with a tainted atmosphere, ruled by a low-population garden world, and the cargo turns out to be goods and weapons to support a rebel movement.

There’s really not much here; as an expansion of a seed, I’d rate this as not much more than a seed itself, and not really worth the coin. Development of the basic scenario revolves around the rebels trying to screw the PCs in one of several ways depending on the PCs’ actions; if the players roll their lucky dice without referee fiat, it’s entirely possible that the entire scenario could be completed in well under an hour of playing time.

If the lucky dice fail, the only ‘options’ for those failures seems to be combat scenarios, not designed to be appealing to those who like to try to think their way out of trouble, or to those who might be of a more mercantile bent – yet the initial setup might potentially be of interest to merchants who have limited objection to playing fast and loose with border control and a larger need for fast credits.

Even the sixteen-page battlemap doesn’t really redeem the product; it covers the single location, which isn’t particularly interesting in and of itself, where the ‘action’ takes place.

The $2 price isn’t a bank-breaker, but there are better products out there to spend it on. Give this one a miss.