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Raconteurs’ Rest

Wherever sophonts gather socially, stories fill the air. Some are true, some aren't - but it doesn't matter, as long as they're good stories, and the person telling them is a good raconteur.

These pages are where Traveller raconteurs can share their stories, whether they are recountings of what actually happened in their adventure sessions, or fiction cut from whole cloth, inspired by or taking place in a Traveller universe.

The Shavian Empire Campaign
The Foible Federation Campaign both by Ken Pick
This set of stories takes place in an alternative Traveller setting. See Other Roads for more information.
Shaw's Folly - So did the Shavian Empire and the Foible Federation make First Contact.
Damn Pit Spiders! - This was not the way a deal should have gone...
The Low Crusade - 'Player-Character' just might mean 'stupid'.
The Saga of the Free Trader Boxcars - On the frontier, survival just might be profitable...
The Ballad of the Privateer Cookieduster - A one-of-a-kind ship on one-of-a-kind adventures
Brotherhood of the Coast
- Betrayal has its price...