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A Cepheus Vignette

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2020 issue, and is offered by the author as a teaser from his DTRPG product, Cepheus Vignettes.

“The FGMP-15 is an awesome weapon, and I’ve melted battalions with it in my time. On Kartum-9 I found its limits. Would you believe we were flying cover over a beach full of tourists, on an unsettled world? The sea, purple by the way, started boiling a few hundred meters off the beach and the pilot swooped us in low for a closer look. I nearly crapped myself when huge tentacles burst out of the water and grabbed for the flitter, actually reached up for us! You better believe I was burning them with the empee. The pilot pulled back and dumped us on the sand. The creature was massive; it broached onto the beach and I burned out the empee’s entire battery on it, but it wouldn’t die. Even as I was torching it, it was reaching for some of the tourists that hadn’t fled. Now, buy me another beer, and I’ll tell you how we stopped the monster.”