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January/February 2019


January/February 2019 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Articles
Critics’ Corner Great Rift Adventure 1: Islands in the Rift Jeff Zeitlin
Review: The Michael Brown Corpus Timothy Collinson
Marches Adventure 1: High and Dry Megan Robertson
Other People’s Toys: Afterday Timothy Collinson
Mongoose Traveller Campaign 1: Secret of the Ancients “kafka”
Raconteurs’ Rest The Orc and the Sorceress Jim Vassilakos
Tales in the Starport Bar: Light Adventure Catherine Berry
Active Measures Mtihani Michael Brown
The Visitors Alvin Plummer
The Prep Room Jottings #7: Writing Systems Jeff Zeitlin
Doing It My Way Alternate Visions of Traveller Shelby Michlin
Conversion Rules: A Percentile Skill System for Traveller Michael Hughes
Virtuality and Its Social Consequences in Traveller Jim Vassilakos
The Freelance Traveller Cookbook Gaming With Diabetes: A Guide to Low-Carb Snacking Jeff Zeitlin
Less Dangerous Game Ushamaagian Dryad Benedikt Schwarz
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #36: Closer to God Timothy Collinson
Up Close and Personal Brittina Montaigne Michael Brown
Bhumibol “Tex” Wu Ken Murphy
In A Store Near You Old Cleon’s Olives Ken Murphy

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From the Editor

Many readers will note that the November/December 2018 issue of Freelance Traveller was never released. A few astute readers—and those who saw our October 29th announcement in online forums—will notice that this issue carries the number 91, as though November/December had in fact been published. The announcement has been reprinted on page 63 of this issue, and explains the non-publication of the November/December 2018 issue. We acknowledge that some of our readers, in response to the announcement, counselled us to not skip the number; although we gave no reason for doing so at the time, it was in the back of our editorial mind that when this issue was released, in addition to posting the September/October issue’s articles to the web, we would post the announcement as a separate issue page on the website—so in a way, the announcement is issue 90 of Freelance Traveller. Thank you for your support during this difficult time.