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February 2013


February 2013 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics' Corner The Third Imperium: Minor Alien Module 1: Luriani Jeff Zeitlin
Sector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia “kafka”
21 Plots Jeff Zeitlin
Up Close and Personal Henri Gaudette Sam Swindell
Doing It My Way Character Generation Rules: A Life Less Ordinary: Alternative Character Generation for Mongoose Traveller Sam Lockwood
Anagathics: Doping the Inevitable Philip Athan via Colin Michael
In A Store Near You The Showroom: Helot Grav Police Wagon (TL10) Ken Murphy
The Showroom: MPV: Band Wagon Timothy Collinson
The Promenade: The Hidden Present Jeff Zeitlin
Less Dangerous Game Grass Manta Scott Diamond
Raconteurs' Rest Drop Out (Part 21) Ken Murphy
Kurishdam Games People Play: Gyro-Ball Jeff Zeitlin
Active Measures Laced Bill Cameron
Getting Off The Ground: Game On Timothy Collinson

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Editor’s Note: In the PDF, the Life Support article is credited to Dwayne Walstron, rather than the correct spelling as shown above.  We apologise for the error, and thank Mr Walstrom for bringing it to our attention.

From the Editor

I’ve been asked why I keep putting out Freelance Traveller month after month, investing time and money for no visible return or benefit. Asking the question that way, though, denigrates the intangible returns and benefits: I get the pleasure of knowing that I’m making a contribution to the Traveller community that is appreciated. I get the pleasure of seeing downloads of the magazine every month as soon as I post the announcements—and occasionally before. I get the pleasure of knowing that at least one reader thought highly enough of my efforts that he wrote and told me he was sending in my name for a ‘best fanzine’ Hugo.

Yes, it’s all ‘egoboo’, but I don’t see anything wrong with that—it’s a way for me to know that I’ve made that contribution, and that it’s appreciated. And that it’s encouraged others to contribute.

Traveller has an active fan community. We have many contributors to forums, we have people who put out other fanzines and blogs, we have people who write, for Freelance Traveller, for other publications, or even for money (take a look at DTRPG!), and we have lively discussion in every venue that allows discussion. We have players who are introducing their children and grandchildren to Traveller.

Ultimately, it’s that fan community that makes it possible for Freelance Traveller to exist. I could not do this without the readers, nor without the contributors. I’m just a facilitator and curator. To the rest of you, the Traveller community, I thank you for your support.