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February 2012


February 2012 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin

Featured Article

Doing It My Way Character Generation Rules: Warrant Officer: An Expansion for Military Careers in MegaTraveller Jeff Wheeler
Critics Corner Supplement 8: Cybernetics kafka
Creatures of Distant Worlds Compendium 1 Jeff Zeitlin
Off the Table: Gateway to the Stars Shannon Appelcline
Off the Table: The T4 JTAS Short Fiction Shannon Appelcline
Raconteurs Rest Drop Out (Part 13) Ken Murphy
Up Close and Personal Aubrey Wills Ken Murphy
In A Store Near You The Showroom: Allport-class Commuter Ferry Timothy Collinson
Active Measures Getting Off the Ground: Beached J.E. Geoffrey
Getting Off the Ground: Noble Action Jeffrey Schwartz with Jeff Zeitlin
Kurishdam Games People Play: Old Reliables Sam Swindell
At Home, We Do It Like This: Slice of Life: Holographic and Immersive Technology Mike Cross
Multimedia Gallery From the Forge Jesse De Graff, via “kardaen
Cover Girls K.H. Wodenssen

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From the Editor

Once again, it’s time to put out a request for articles—we’re getting a bit thin on the ground in some sections, and in others, we need to track down some authors so that we can work with them to make a previous submission publishable. That makes it a bit difficult to fill an issue, sadly.

Any section is fair game; if you’re willing to write it, we’re willing to look at it. Some sections—most notably “The Shipyard”—have somewhat tighter requirements than Freelance Traveller does in general, but we’ll be happy to work with you to explain them; write and ask.

We’d like to see more regular features, along the lines of Mike Cross’s “Slice of Life”, or Shannon Appelcline’s “Fifth Imperium”. If you want to be a regular columnist, you don’t need to have a theme tying your column together across issues; you just need to be willing to write something on a regular basis (not even every month; we’re perfectly willing to have columnists alternating to fill a space).

“In A Store Near You” has a some subsections that could benefit from your creative juices—“The Promenade”, “The Gun Shop”, and “Handle With Care” are all lighter on material than we could wish.

Reviews are also good. Review what you wish; don’t worry about whether it’s already been reviewed by someone else—multiple viewpoints and opinions are good. Don’t worry about it being out of print, either—much of the early Traveller material is now available on one or another of the FarFuture CD-ROM collections, so reviews aren’t entirely meaningless. Non-Traveller gaming supplements that you feel would have interest to the Traveller player or referee are also fair game; that’s what the “Other People’s Toys” subsection is all about. “Off the Table” is for the recreational reading that you think will appeal to the Traveller fan.

And, of course, if you have house rules (“Doing It My Way”) or settings (“Kurishdam”), or if you’ve turned your hand to writing fiction (“Raconteurs’ Rest”) or adventures (“Active Measures”) in the Traveller milieu, or if you have an artistic bent (“Multimedia Gallery”)… or anything else (if we don’t have a section, we’ll invent one!)… we’re interested. Write and ask, or just send it on, to any of the usual addresses—we’ll be here!