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From the Forge

Your Editor found these pictures in a long-lost folder on his hard disk, marked "kardaen", with no other information. We asked our readers to help us identify them, in our February 2012 issue. We got many responses, all of which identified long-time Traveller artist Jesse DeGraff as the artist. The originals are in Jesses own gallery at Vision Forge Studios (http://visionforgestudios.com/jesse/traveller/traveller_gallery.htm), and our source appears to be Todd Moody's Riftscape Station, currently at http://webspace.webring.com/people/gk/kardaen/.

The thumbnails below link to full-sized copies of the images.

A Beowulf-class Free Trader
near a Gas Giant
A Mercenary Cruiser
near an Earth-like world