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Aubrey Wills

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the February 2012 issue of Freelance Traveller.

Sir Aubrey Wills 79687A Age 30 (Noble) 5 terms (Household Troop)
Human Male
Grav Vehicle-0, Equestrian-0, Survival-1, Rifle-2, SMG-3, Computer-0, Brawling-1, Tactics-2, Foil-3, Polearm-2, Steward-1, Carousing-2, Streetwise-1, Sm. Watercraft-3, Linguistics-2 (Russian, Chinese), Brandy Afficianado-2

The fourth son of a minor noble family on pastolar Mindabar, Aubrey was fostered to House Desmond, the wealthy noble family who owned most of the Northern continent, including the Brookstone Downport Startown (though not the Downport itself).

Under the tutelage of his betters when not working as a servant, groomer, and gopher, Aubrey acquired a little polish and culture, and became the Squire to Sir Ektor, a Knight in Desmond’s service. The troop of which Aubrey was a member accompanied Lady Yasmina, with her flock of handmaidens, everywhere as personal escorts and bodyguards.

A decade of fairly easy duty followed; all spit-and-polish with little to do besides keep a weather eye peeled and fulfill any of the Lady’s (or her handmaidens’) wants.

On a visit to Barton, where the Lady hoped to see the famous Hanging Gardens and Amberwood trees, criminals with knowledge of Lady Yasmina’s itinerary attempted to kidnap her as her motorcade snaked through the lush Hanging Gardens at Meyer’s Reserve. Their ambush went off without a hitch, and the lead and trailing vehicles were hit by portable rocket fire, trapping the two remaining vehicles. The Lady and her entourage, guarded by the household troops, abandoned the cars and found cover behind nearby trees. Several rockets buzzed by, to no effect.

A fierce gun battle ensued, with both sides weaving amongst the trees to get better positions. At one point, Sir Ektor, Aubrey and a few of the other Squires advanced to a point where they could fire into the main enemy force to great effect. A last rocket tore towards them and slammed into a tree, cutting down Ektor and one Squire in a spray of jagged wood.

With most of the criminals dead or injured, the remaining gunmen fled into the woods.

Once back to Mindabar, after the after-action report was read by the Viscount, Lady Yasmina spoke to her father of the bravery of the household troops—citing Aubrey in particular. Viscount Lord Desmond shortly knighted Aubrey and put him in charge of the Lady’s protection detail.

Eventually Yasmina was married off to a more powerful House, and the protective force went with her, only to find the Lady’s new partner informing Aubrey that he and his men would no longer be required, as there was just no room for “provincials” there. Aubrey retired a short time later.

Sir Aubrey is a slightly short, but otherwise average-looking fellow with dark brown hair and bushy sideburns. He has only one eye (green).

He grew up on an island, and had operated boats of various sorts since he was a kid.

Aubrey enjoys drinking brandies of various types, and smoking a pipe. He collects amber, and has several pieces of jewelry using amber.

Aubrey feels women are less capable than men, and is somewhat patronizing toward them.