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September/October 2020


Sept/Oct 2020 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
100 Issues: Musing in Retrospect Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics’ Corner 101 Religions Jeff Zeitlin
1248 Sourcebook 3: The Spinward States David Johnson
Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition: Behind the Claw Timothy Collinson
Theta Borealis Sector Ewan Quibell
Raconteurs’ Rest Smoke Test: Once in a Blue Moon [Chapter Nine] Michael Capriola and C. A. Pella
Active Measures The Plague Robbery Jeffrey Schwartz
The Sons of Rudurgu Michael Brown
Getting Off the Ground: Collector’s Edition Jens Rydholm
The Prep Room Finding Your Way Around the Starport: The Scrapyard Benedikt Schwarz
Designers’ Notes: Virtual Traveller: A Weekend of Virus-Free Roleplaying Greg Caires
Multimedia Gallery Twilight Stories #1: Port of Transit Mike Cross
Less Dangerous Game Rudur Benedikt Schwarz
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #46: Not So Easy Pieces Timothy Collinson
Doing It My Way Classification Societies in Traveller Chris Barlow

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From the Editor

Sometimes, losing track of time is a good thing. I did so during the preparation of this issue, and as a result, not only was this issue mostly ready to go (except for the published-products list on page 60) in the first week of August, but I also got a good start on picking articles for next issue—so here it is, early in August, and I’m already working on the November/December issue.

With pandemic protocols still in place, and TravellerCON/USA cancelled, someone coming up with an on-line event was inevitable. Greg Caires sent us a combined ad-and-overview of the creation of a Virtual Traveller weekend by steady and well-respected TravellerCON/USA referee Ken Patterson. See it on page 48 of this issue.

After last issue (#100) was posted for download, I rambled a bit on the TML about Freelance Traveller’s history and philosophy. That, cleaned up a bit, can be found on page 58 of this issue.

Finally, as usual, I’m asking for people to give a little love to some of the less-often-featured sections of Freelance Traveller. We can always use reviews (Critics’ Corner), tools, weapons, vehicles, etc. (In A Store Near You), cultures and customs (Kurishdam), interesting and/or dangerous plants (Fascinating Flora), and your worldbuilding and gamebuilding (Prep Room).