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September/October 2017


September/October 2017 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics’ Corner Borderlands Adventure 1: Wreck in the Ring Jeff Zeitlin
Ad Astra Games Traveller Miniatures: Beowulf and Type S Shelby Michlin
Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition: Vehicle Handbook Megan Robertson
Hub Federation “kafka”
Off the Table: Space Viking Shelby Michlin
The Prep Room Making Your Own Road: Replacing the Third Imperium Cian Witheren
Raconteurs’ Rest Here Be Dragons

Editor’s Note: We erroneously printed Chapter 2 in this issue instead of Chapter 1. Both chapters will appear next issue, and will be put into the website together.

John Clifford
The Adventures of Gerry Fynne [Chapter 5 and Chapter 6] Sam Swindell
Active Measures The Poseidon Adventure Steve Hatherley
Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other Ewan Quibell
Tinderbox Bill Cameron
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #30: Dead Time Timothy Collinson
The Freelance Traveller Cookbook Beery Delights for TravCon14 Derrick Jones
Less Dangerous Game Plain Mental Timothy Collinson
In A Store Near You The Showroom: Kankurur G-Carrier Revisited Timothy Collinson

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From the Editor

We do listen to your feedback, and consider Freelance Traveller to always be a work-in-progress. After last issue’s release, we received some email from a new reader who made a good point: there’s a lot of greywall text, making it more difficult to read. His suggestion was to add space between paragraphs, like on the website, and to use graphics to break up the text, as we did with last issue’s “The Smarargian Crisis”. The latter is a bit difficult, when we don’t get a lot of submissions with graphics; consider this a plea for more illustrated articles.

We can, however, tweak the typesetting, and we have—there’s now going to be a small amount of additional space between paragraphs, in addition to the normal paragraph indent. Another change we’re making is to keep the story tops aligned when flowing from column to column and page to page; this means a bit more white space at the top of right-hand columns. And, where we feel we have good ones, we’ll be inserting ‘boxes’ and ‘pull quotes’.

We hope these changes will meet with your approval; please do email the editor and let him know your opinion.