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March/April 2016


Mar/Apr 2016 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics’ Corner Mongoose Traveller Supplement 8: Cybernetics Megan Robertson
Clement Sector Players Guide Timothy Collinson
Mongoose Traveller Alien Module 3: Darrians “kafka”
CD-ROM: Apocrypha 1: Judges Guild and Gamelords Jeff Zeitlin
Kurishdam Lecture Hall and Library: Jump Destination: Telerine, Paryan System, Dole Moving Group Ken Pick
The Club Room: The Church of the Machine God Tuukka Tenhunen
Active Measures Getting Off the Ground: The Cumulus Course Michael Brown
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #21: End of an Era or Start of a New? Timothy Collinson
Doing It My Way Some Thoughts on Skill Use in Classic Traveller Christopher Kubiasik
Economics and Cargo in Traveller Robert DeVoe
A Sanity System for Marc Millers Traveller Tuukka Tenhunen and Kasha Kroger
Raconteurs’ Rest Funny Fish: Bad Things Happen [Part 1] Andrea Vallance
Sword Worlds Resurgent: The Broken Blades John Clifford
Up Close and Personal Bemela Ryos Thihs Timothy Collinson
Bishop Sebastian Ishigani Tuukka Tenhunen
The Shipyard Chukkar-class Modular Merchant John T. Kwon

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From the Editor

And so to press. I’m sorry I couldn’t get this one out as early as I’d hoped; sometimes Real Life just decides to… well, I try to avoid using that language in my writing. Anyway, I was coming home from work Just Totally Wiped for at least a week in there somewhere.

On the other hand, having the extra time of a bimonthly instead of a monthly does reduce the stress, and I’m still enjoying doing it—so there’s no chance that the schedule change presages folding the tent anytime soon, as a couple of people wrote to me to say they feared. More to the point, I’m still getting new material in useful quantities and good quality, so the community support is still there.

I’d still like to do some more Theme Issues; the 2300AD and Psionics issues both got good feedback. There are other ideas for theme issues kicking around; I just put out feelers for one shortly before sitting down to write this month’s FtE. The im-portant thing, though, is that you, the readers (and contributors!) keep downloading and keep telling me what you like and don’t like about Freelance Traveller, and write what you want to share. That’s the only way I can keep putting out the magazine that you want to see. Thank you!