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November 2014


November 2014 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics Corner Judge Dredd Megan Robertson
Other Peoples Toys: Starting Points: World Building Megan Robertson
Off the Table: Shadow of the Storm Jeff Zeitlin
Active Measures Aqua Pura Michael Brown
Getting Off the Ground: Mind Games: Four Psionic Seeds Timothy Collinson
Raconteurs Rest Funny Fish: Playing With Matches [Part 3] Andrea Vallance
Doing It My Way A Code of Conduct for Psions Edward Andrews
Integrating Space Stations Into Your Game Paul Hillers
Up Close and Personal Tonna Blackthorne Sam Swindell
In A Store Near You The Gun Shop: Norge “Duello” Dueling Pistol Scott Diamond
The Shipyard Designs for Marc Miller’s Traveller: Brawanee-class Corvette Ewan Quibell

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From the Editor

This issue is a bit later than we’d hoped; a little bit of real life got in the way, and when we got everything laid out for publishing, we came up two pages short—so that led to a little scramble to find some articles that would fit. Nevertheless, we managed to put the issue together—and without any reprints, either.

October saw the return of TravellerCON/USA, and our attendance thereat; there’s an after-action report in this issue. The con is much better positioned to grow at the new site than at the old site, and growth is a desirable thing to the ConCom, so we’d welcome ideas for Making It Better. What actually happens is going to depend at least partially on commitments to attend, so start your planning now—the target date is early/mid-October 2015, with a Kickstarter expected to begin in March. One thing that was notable by its absence was any Traveller: The New Era games; if you play or run TNE, please do come and give TNE a presence.

We’ve received a proposal that started out as an article idea, but which has proven worthy of a whole series of articles—or an entire Special Supplement. We’re actively working with the author on that one, but it’s unlikely to be ready in 2014—or even early 2015. It’s worth anticipating, though.

Another large submission was sent to us, at our request to the author at TravellerCON. That will probably be the December issue’s featured material.

There’s a lot more Traveller artwork out there than most people realize; we’re trying to get in touch with some of the artists we’ve found. Hopefully, 2015 will give us the opportunity to share some of it with you, as you’ve requested.

As usual, we encourage you to create material for Freelance Traveller, so that we can be what you want us to be.