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July/August 2017


July/August 2017 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics’ Corner Clement Sector Core Setting (2nd Edition) Omer G. Joel
The Space Patrol Jeff Zeitlin
Encyclopaedia Dagudashaag Timothy Collinson
These Stars Are Ours! Timothy Collinson
RHI Sandpiper Light Trader Omer G. Joel
Active Measures The Derelict Steve Hatherley
Saving the Throne Jeff Zeitlin
The Prep Room An Improvised Classic Traveller Convention Game Christopher Kubasik
The Shipyard Collapsible Fuel Tanks and Jump Drives "On Rails" Joshua Levy
Repair Tugs Joshua Levy
Doing It My Way Speaking in Tongues: Simulating Dialects in Your Game Jeff Zeitlin
Raconteurs’ Rest The Adventures of Gerry Fynne [Chapter 3 and Chapter 4] Sam Swindell
Kurishdam The Club Room: The Hospitallers Sam Swindell
Lecture Hall and Library: Jump Destinations: Michlin’s Guide to the Planets: Introduction Shelby Michlin
Lecture Hall and Library: Jump Destinations: Michlin’s Guide to the Planets: Ekhono Shelby Michlin
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #29: Slow Time Timothy Collinson
In a Store Near You The Promenade: The Jewel of the Jewel Bill Hand

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From the Editor

It’s rare that I end up with two articles in an issue that both deserve to be featured, but that’s what happened this issue. I was hard-pressed to decide between this issue’s feature, The Smarargian Crisis adventure, or the runner up, the Repair Tugs. The latter is most definitely an interesting idea for a ship, and one that hasn’t, to the best of my knowledge, been attempted previously in any Traveller-related publication or forum. The adventure, on the other hand, was well-thought-out, extensive, and had the potential to affect a campaign in which it was included, beyond the immediate denouement of the adventure.

So, how to decide which one gets the “feature” billing? What it ultimately came down to was that the Repair Tugs, while they had good statistical information for both Classic Traveller and Cepheus Engine, didn’t supply it in any of the standard formats for either. The extra work in providing the standard formats, while not onerous, was enough to be a tie-breaker.

This actually pleases me quite a lot: It means that the overall quality of submissions is increasing, and to get submissions like these from new contributors suggests that perhaps I’m starting to reach new audiences—because this level of quality suggests a level of writing ability that doesn’t come without experience elsewhere.

Give me dilemmas like this more often, please! It’s the hard decisions, alongside the positive feedback, that keeps this fun!