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January/February 2017


January/February 2017 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics’ Corner Cepheus Engine Jeff Zeitlin
Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition: The Pirates of Drinax: The Theev Cluster Megan Robertson
Dawn Adventures 1: The Subterranean Oceans of Argos Prime Megan Robertson
Kurishdam Art and Entertainment: Off the Wall: Starship Interior Decoration Timothy Collinson
Doing It My Way Benefits and Burdens: Roleplaying Character Traits in Traveller Michael Brown
Character Generation Rules: Martial Artist: A Career for Mongoose Traveller 1st Edition Steven Pustay
Active Measures The Skywhale Steve Hatherley
Stranded Jeff Zeitlin
Getting Off the Ground: Ordnance Michael Brown
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #26: Be Careful What You Wish For Timothy Collinson
The Shipyard Naklaad-class Interface Merchant Timothy Collinson
Up Close and Personal Denizens of Marburg Timothy Collinson

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From the Editor

I am once again extending my apologies for a late issue; this time, it was because I spent two weeks fighting off a northeastern U.S. winter bug. Like a fool, I tried to keep working right through it, and while I managed to meet most of my real-world obligations, I was coming home just too ‘wiped out’ to spend the necessary time on the magazine.

This issue does, however, illustrate what’s possible in the larger bimonthly issues that couldn’t have been sensibly done in the monthly issues: The bulk of this issue is represented by two articles, Ken Pick’s on the Hamilton’s Star system, and Timothy Collinson’s on the Naklaad-class Interface Merchant. These are both quite large articles, and while they could have appeared in the smaller format, both would have had to be broken up across multiple issues—Ken’s into two; Timothy’s into three—or possibly four, actually, as after this issue was essentially ready to ‘print’, I received a Classic Traveller version of the ship from him (which will appear next issue).

So, obviously, big is beautiful. But so is small. And so is what’s between them. And my article files are a bit thin on beauty. I’d really like to see them beautified, but I need your help. Any sort of article is good, whether house rule, ship design, something a character might pick up on a shopping trip, a culture-building article, and adventure, a review, whether of a Traveller product or fiction or a mine-worthy non-Traveller product… it’s all good, and it will all beautify my article files, which means more hopefully-beautiful issues of Freelance Traveller.