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October 2015



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From the Editor

As I write this, it is only about two days until the start of TravellerCon/USA, and little more than a day and a half before I leave to get there. That means that this issue of Freelance Traveller is something over a week later than I had planned, but life is like that, sometimes.

And, unfortunately, life has been like that for a while. I’m not sure I actually got a single issue this year out “on time”, where “on time” is defined as “the last weekend of the month before the date of the issue”. So, I’ve been doing some hard thinking, and come to a decision that some—perhaps many—of my loyal readers may disagree with, possibly even be upset about:

This is going to be the last monthly issue of Freelance Traveller.

The next issue is being targeted for posting during the last weekend of November, and will be dated November/December 2015. As past double issues have done, it will carry two numbers, 071 and 072.

The following issue will be targeted for the last weekend of January, 2016, and will carry a cover date of January/February 2016. It, however, will carry a single issue number, 073, and at that point, will be on an alternate-month schedule, with issue 074 being the March/April 2016 issue, and so on.

Overall, though, I don’t intend for you to “lose out”; the “standard” issue size will be increased from 28 pages to 56, or possibly even 64, and I have no intention of reducing either the quantity or quality of material that I pull together for you.

Having said that, it’s time for me to remind you that good material only happens if people send it to me, or point me at it (e.g., on your blog or personal website). Any section of Freelance Traveller is fair game, and all of them can use more material. I’d really like to see more reviews, especially of recent material; articles for Less Dangerous Game, the Lab Ship, and the Prep Room would also be especially welcome. And artwork, especially cover-suitable art. Send them to the usual place, with my thanks.