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January/February 2014


January/February 2014 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics’ Corner Mongoose Traveller: The Third Imperium: Crowded Hours “kafka”
Darthanon Queen Ewan Quibell
Techbook: Chrome “kafka”
Up Close and Personal Soren Kjellgaard Richard Crowley
Active Measures The Night Visitors Bill Cameron
The Slavers of Gennare Bruce Johnson
I.C.E. Michael Gilliam
Raconteurs’ Rest Funny Fish: Choices [Part 2] Andrea Vallance
Doing It My Way Character Generation Rules: The Martial Artist: A Career for Mongoose Traveller Gary Wilkins
Confessions of a Newbie Referee #7: Combat Timothy Collinson
In A Store Near You The Arms Bazaar: XF-309 Pigeon and XF-310 Spider Drones Daniel Boese
Trailbluffer Boots Art O’Mary
The Shipyard President-class Holiday Cruiser Michael Gilliam

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From the Editor

This issue’s “From the Editor” is basically an apology and explanation. A double issue at the end of January is not how I wanted to start Freelance Traveller’s fifth year of publication, but a series of real-life happenings—good and bad—conspired to leave me less time to edit the magazine at just the wrong time.

First… I got promoted at my real-world job. This is something that I’d been hoping would occur for more than half of the past twenty years I’ve been with my current employer—and which I honestly didn’t expect to see for at least another two years. As a result, I was utterly unprepared for it—I had to take time out from editing the magazine to get a suit to wear at the ceremony (I can no longer dress “off the rack”), for the ceremony itself, and for the inevitable celebrations—both office and personal/family—that followed the ceremony. That chewed up most of the time I’d allocated leading up to the end of December, when I’d hoped to post this issue.

Then… I got sick for a couple of days, from overindulging at the celebrations. There really is such a thing as too much Junior’s cheesecake… Then, I had some Internet connectivity problems. I was able to mostly finish the editing, but I couldn’t post. The internet problems got fixed, right in time for a winter storm to knock out my phone (which took down my internet). A week later, that got fixed—including internet. Except that three days later, my provider’s provider stopped providing (so I’m looking for new internet service, and posting from the library…)… None of this was looked for, and I truly am sorry it deprived you, my readers, of a month’s worth of enjoyment. I’ll keep trying; I promise.