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January 2013


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From the Editor

This issue marks the beginning of our fourth year of publication. Each of the three previous years represents about three hundred pages of material, all created by you, our readers, and the Traveller community. Yes, there have been some reprints, but our intent was always to have the occasional reprint, to integrate the older, pre-magazine material with the newer magazine format.

We’ve grown over the past three years, mostly in small increments to look just that little bit more professional—but also in expanding our coverage, carefully, so as not to dilute our core purpose. Last year, our May/June issue was a first in two ways, one good, one not so good: it was our first Theme Issue, highlighting 2300ad as a new member of the Traveller family, and it was the first time we got so messed up and off-schedule that we felt we’d be better off skipping a month, and publishing a double issue. We ended up doing that again in November/December, due to “Superstorm Sandy”, but we’re hoping not to make it a habit. We do intend to continue to grow, in both professionalism and coverage.

We anticipate additional Theme Issues in the near future: Once the ADB/Mongoose project for Traveller: Prime Directive comes to fruition, we’ll have a Theme Issue highlighting it. Other planned Theme Issues, whether or not they happen this year, include Psionics, Space City, and The Cruise. We’re looking for other themes, and welcome your suggestions (and any articles for a theme, as well).

As usual, we’d like to entreat you—all of you—to try your hand at writing for Freelance Traveller. We obviously have some authors who have established themselves in certain sections, but please, don’t feel that those authors have ‘staked out’ those sections as their own—any idea developed enough for use in a game is welcome, and we’ll work with you to make it sharable, just as we’ve worked with our ‘established’ authors.