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November 2011


November 2011 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Critics Corner Book 9: Robot kafka
LinkLooks: JTAS Online Ewan Quibell
Off the Table: The Death of Wisdom Shannon Appelcline
Off the Table: The Universal Prey Shannon Appelcline
Raconteurs Rest Drop Out (Part 10) Ken Murphy
Doing It My Way Options for the X-Boat Network Mel White
Fifth Imperium #23: Aliens of the Marches: The Jonkeereen Shannon Appelcline
Up Close and Personal Myra Wall Sam Swindell
In A Store Near You Portable Chemical Detectors (TL9-TL11) Sam Swindell
The Showroom: Conurbation Commuter Bus (TL8) Timothy Collinson
The Gun Shop: Norge GLP-15 Scott Diamond
Active Measures Heiress Ewan Quibell
Kurishdam At Home, We Do It Like This: Slice of Life: Medievalist Society Mike Cross
Multimedia Gallery Grav's Out! Mike Keeran
The Burrowwolf: A Traveller Graphic Novel (Chapter 6, Part 1)

(will be posted when Part 2 is also available)

David Billinghurst and Dave Redington

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From the Editor

As expected, we’re a little late this month, but we do expect to be back on our normal schedule next month. Thank you for your patience and for bearing with us.

Sadly, this issue sees the last installment of Shannon Appelcline’s Fifth Imperium column. Shannon’s not leaving our pages, however; his series of fiction reviews, currently running under the subtitle “Off the Table” in Freelance Traveller, still has a good backlog for us to catch up on, and there have been indications that he intends to write more.

The Two-Space Traveller project is getting organized; we’re inviting you to participate—please email the editor, and we’ll get you on the list, and send you the current notes and comments. We’d like to get into high gear on this by the beginning of 2012, so join now!

As always, we’re looking for submissions to the magazine, of all types. Please, send them in, and don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear from us, or don’t see your article. We have several submissions that are good bases for articles, and we’re looking to formulate our thoughts to be able to provide the authors with good guidance on improving their work. That sometimes takes some time. We will try to drop you a timely note saying we got it and that we’re looking at it. If you have questions about submitting that aren’t covered on the inside back cover, write to the editor and ask; we’ll get back to you quickly on those.

As always, thanks for your continued support, both reading and writing!