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Myra Wall

This article originally appeared in the November 2011 issue.

Myra Wall 4C64B7 Age 30 Cr15,000
3 terms Army LtCol
Admin-2, Rifle-2, Leader-1, Air/Raft-1, SMG-1, Vacc-0
Combat Armor (chameleon); Gauss Carbine and sling; “Mini” SMG (SMG-1, ex. close, SMG+1) and sling; Combat Harness (“LCE” or “Webbing”) (4kg); 3 Gauss Mags or 4 SMG mags (not both); Multitool, in pouch w/10m fine “piano” wire, 10m of .5mm synthetic cord; Medkit, individual, containing 2 doses “strong” Combat, 4 Medical Slow, 1 liter canteen with sterilizing filter; Rucksack (8 kg) containing 1 set combat utilities, 2 sets underwear, 4 pair socks, Short Range Communicator (TL13), extra 1 liter canteens (2), 2 days dehydrated rations, 1 day field rations, Combat computer, Long Range Communicator, Cable/transformer set to recharge communicators and gauss mags from common power sources, 240 gauss needles, IR goggles, 6 cold lights; Duffle bag containing 3 sets combat utilities, 8 sets underwear, 8 pair socks, 2 sets air tanks, Holocrystals and reader (Crystals are: General purpose and military reference library set, and Trashy romance “chick flick” set, ~10 years old), A few (very few) well-made civilian clothes (including “the little black dress”), picture of a young scout and a young CPT Wall, laminated, with bludgeon marks in lamination; Bandoleers, 1 with 12 gauss mags, 1 with 12 SMG mags; Body pistol with 2 HEAP mags

Raised on Louzy, Wall moved to Efate at age 13, and joined their Army at 18. She is a petite woman (only 153cm tall), and not unattractive with her olive complexion and short-cropped brown hair, but as an officer cultivated an “ice queen” demeanor, which made her effective in the high-testosterone society of the Efatian army. She is well-read on military doctrine and procedures, but knows her limitations and will always look for a good staff officer or three to do analysis. She is a logistician, focusing on transport. During the insurgency on Efate, however, transport involved a good deal of combat.

She is good with a Gauss carbine, but prefers a mini-SMG in rear areas. If in a situation where neither is permitted, she will carry her body pistol somewhere concealed, accessible, and secure, and let others do the talking, using steely silence, noncommittal looks, and terse questions to mask the fact that she may not get all the nuances. She is not above using a little feminine charm in extremis, but she knows this has to be “away from the flagpole,” or it’ll blow her ice queen cover. She got the nickname, part derogatory, part grudgingly admiring, “The Wall” when it was determined that theory and subtlety—and whining, badgering, flirtation, and enemy fire—often had the same effect when plied on her as they would have on a wall…

It is rumored that Wall was captured by Ine Givar when a convoy was ambushed and overrun, back when she was a lieutenant. She allegedly used her gender to some advantage before her one guard was killed in her escape. Her gunny, GSgt Imbala, mumbled something about it while wounded and heavily drugged, during a rescue that she led. Subsequently, he would flatly or angrily deny any knowledge of the rumor. Wall interceded when later, Sergeant Major Imbala bludgeoned into unconsciousness a young trooper who mentioned the incident, inadvertently within earshot. The trooper was apparently connected, and Imbala was going to be court martialed. Inexplicably, Imbala was transferred to the Scouts the night before his court, the charges against him dropped, and the trooper was sent on a diplomatic mission to Regina. Imbala was killed three years later on a scout mission, and the trooper is rumored to have asked a noble relative to retaliate against either Imbala or Wall. One version of the story has the noble relative—occasionally said to be as high as a subsector Duke—making a bland (possibly insincere) refusal on grounds of propriety; another has him smashing a chair and threatening to finish what Imbala started.

Wall will avoid staff positions for command. She will seek to stay close to a vehicle, if possible, as she knows her physical limitations well. Indeed, she will stay seated if she possibly can, even bringing her driver well up into danger’s way before dismounting. Her drivers tend to either become very devoted, or quickly transfer. She will keep her rucksack in the vehicle unless taking drugs; the latter will only occur when the incoming gets hot. Wall has cashed out, and is looking to put together a small mercenary outfit. She has become a habitué at a bar known for merc types, and is stretching her money as much as possible, waiting for an opportunity.