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December 2010

December 2010 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Essay Question   Jeff Zeitlin
Critics Corner Mongoose Traveller Book 8: Dilettante Jeff Zeitlin
The Shipyard Pawel-class Modular Cutter Ewan Quibell
Up Close and Personal Edwina Dennis Ken Murphy
Doing It My Way Technology Rules: High-Tech Melee Weapons Ken Murphy
In A Store Near You The Gun Shop: ST Arms P12

Colin Campbell

Active Measures Getting Off The Ground: The Umbra Retribution Michael Brown
Kurishdam Lecture Hall and Library: An Analysis of Tech Levels Ken Pick
Information Center Computer Connection: Free Trader 1.0.1 Neil D. Parker

This issue also contains a consolidated listing for all articles published in 2009 and 2010

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From the Editor

And so it ends. Not the magazine; merely the first complete year of our publication. We’ll be continuing into the new year without a break, and we anticipate bringing new capabilities to our website to go along with the continued publication. We’ve started laying the groundwork for some of those capabilities, and that’s why this month’s issue may seem a bit slim.

First, we’ll be bringing back the Freelance Traveller Forums, with a new look, more like what users have come to expect from forum systems, like phpBB or vBulletin. Initially, the new forums won’t support access via email, news/nntp, or RSS, but we eventually expect to bring all of those capabilities back as well. Discussion of virtually every aspect of Freelance Traveller will be welcome there, and certain departments—most notably, Essay Question—will be primarily on the Forums, with excerpts being printed in the magazine itself. Members will also be able to submit articles to the magazine through the Forums, and to critique proposed articles before they get published.

We’re also going to resume updating the Published Product list—as a searchable database, based on selectable criteria. Returned results will also include links to any reviews of the product on Freelance Traveller.

We’d like to reinvigorate live chat in the coming year; Freelance Traveller officially sponsors the #Traveller channel on Undernet (to the extent that any channel on Undernet is officially sponsored), and de facto sponsors #LoneStar on Otherworlders (the network was formerly known as Psionics, and the channel was originally sponsored by QLI). We’ll be trying to bring back topical chats, possibly with featured guests, and you’re welcome to use either channel as a meeting place for IRC-based roleplaying sessions. If you have ideas for chat topics, or other ideas for reinvigorating live Traveller chat, do please let us know.