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November 2010

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From the Editor

In some sense, this month’s issue represents a milestone for Freelance Traveller—it’s one year since we posted our initial eight-page proof-of-concept issue. We don’t consider this the last issue of our first year—or the first of our second—as we didn’t actually start regular monthly publishing until January of this year. So far, the Traveller community has contributed 290 pages of material to us, and we expect the total to be around 320 when next month’s issue (December 2010) is made available for download. That’s a very respectable body of material for an Annual, and it’s the Traveller community that has made it possible to do it without dipping into our sizeable “backlist” of articles posted to our website from the pre-magazine days. Thank you for your support, and please keep it up!

Our editor went to TravellerCON/USA for the first time this year, and “had a blast”. It was a great opportunity to meet some of the Traveller community in person, including some of the third-party Traveller publishers, and to actually play instead of just talking, and watching from the sidelines. A venture into miniatures gaming (under Full Thrust rules) was less successful in terms of game goals than it might have been, but was loads of fun, and opened up a new vista. We fully intend to support Traveller miniatures gaming in future issues of the magazine, and urge the community to submit miniatures-related material in addition to the types of material that is represented in 290 pages of our magazine.

Our experiment with forums hasn’t worked too well, quite honestly. The feedback we’ve gotten suggests that part of it is organization, part of it is the poor software we’re using, and part of it is lack of focus. So… we’re temporarily shutting them down, and rethinking them. They’ll be back in the new year, with new software and a focus on supporting the magazine first, and the general Traveller community second. We’ll have forums for submitting articles and commenting on them, for the Essay Questions, and for some other ideas that we’d like to test out. We hope you’ll come back in January to join us!