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March/April 2021


Mar/Apr 2021 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics’ Corner See How They Run Jeff Zeitlin
The Legend of the Sky Raiders Ewan Quibell
Cepheus Journal Jeff Zeitlin
A Fistful of Credits Ewan Quibell
In A Store Near You Buckling Your Swash: High-Tech for Hand-to-Hand Combat Jo Jaquinta
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #49: Words of Affirmation Timothy Collinson
The Prep Room Cardboard Figures Ewan Quibell
What Is Cepheus Störtebeker? P-O Bergstedt
Finding Your Way Around the Starport: Bars and Brothels Benedikt Schwarz
Doing It My Way Buying Used Starships David Billinghurst
Fury Tank Battle Ewan Quibell
Active Measures Spaceship Classification Societies as Traveller Patrons Chris Barlow
The Edge of Helium Timothy Collinson
Raconteurs’ Rest Power Play Roger Barr

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From the Editor

In looking over the past more than ten years of Freelance Traveller magazine, and even longer as a website, it occurs to me that the focus has been almost exclusively the ‘crunchy space opera’ genre that Traveller was originally written for. The submission guidelines as they presently stand encourage that sort of focus in submissions. However, in the past few years, we’ve see Traveller-compatible rules applied to other genres—Independence Games has applied them to “action movies” and Westerns; Michael Brown has applied them to “film noir” and post-apocalyptic survival, P-O Bergstedt (of Zhodani Base) is applying them to post-medieval sea piracy campaigns (see “Cepheus Störtebeker” in this issue), and Terra/Sol Games and Steve Attwood (Alegis Downport) have applied them to fantasy—and those are only the ones I know about and can bring to mind as I write this.

I’m willing to support any and all of these genres, if people write and submit material for them. On the other hand, you, my readers, may prefer to keep the focus as it is—and I’m OK with that, too. But even if Freelance Traveller stays with ‘crunchy space opera’, those other genres are worth supporting, and to that end, a group of Traveller/Cepheus Engine fans have started a new fanzine, which I’ve reviewed in this issue, and which you should add to your reading list: Cepheus Journal. Their editorial team explicitly credits Freelance Traveller as an inspiration toward their efforts, and from what I’ve seen so far, their quality is at least equal to what I hope you feel about mine. I hope that none of their staff will ever feel embarrassed about being associated with it—certainly, I wouldn’t, and in fact I’ve gotten a couple of submissions where the author (erroneously) thought I was associated with Cepheus Journal.