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December 2014


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From the Editor

This issue represents the completion of five years of essentially monthly publication of Freelance Traveller. So what’s in Freelance Traveller’s future?

There will be a new feature, tied to the Computer Connection on our website. That feature will print the source code for small programs and utilities intended for use with Traveller, and will come with an explanation of how it works. All programs will be runnable in some way for Windows, Linux, and MacOS at a minimum; iOS and Android will also be supported in some cases. Your contributions to this feature will be welcome.

We hope to have more artwork in future issues, ranging from the kinds of scenes that have appeared on our covers and occasionally inside, to pictures of animals from Less Dangerous Game or of characters from Up Close and Personal, to illustrations of areas from ship deckplans or port establishments (like 21 Starport Places), and so on. They don’t all have to be renders—the May 2011 cover, for example, is clearly a scan of a pencil-on-paper drawing. A variety of styles is definitely a good thing, so try your hand.

Theme issues: So far, there have been two: the 2300AD Theme Issue of May/June 2012, and the Psionics Theme Issue of August 2014. I’d like to do them a little more often than that, preferably two per year. So, the next Theme Issue will be the Cruise Theme Issue, for which I’d like to see a design with deckplan for a cruise liner, an adventure aboard, perhaps an overview of “life aboard” during the trip, one or two characters who would be visible crew or notable passengers aboard such a ship, and a couple of Jump Destinations representing worlds that such a ship might visit. They don’t all have to be from the same person; again, please try your hand.