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July 2012


July 2012 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Active Measures A Jolly (Roger) Good Time Rick Morey
Critics Corner Twilight Sector Setting Update Alpha kafka
The Trouble With Drazi Jeff Zeitlin
Three for 2300AD Timothy Collinson
Off the Table: Trading in Danger Jeff Zeitlin
Raconteurs Rest Drop Out (Part 17) Ken Murphy
Funny Fish: A Most Unfortunate War (Part 1) Andrea Vallance
In A Store Near You Hot Judy and Ice Judy Jeff Zeitlin
The Shipyard Mongoose Traveller Designs: Earth Alliance Heavy Shuttle Richard Page
Doing It My Way Task Systems: Mongoose Traveller Lite: Simplifying Skill and Task Checks Michael Brown

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From the Editor

Once again, we apologize for the magazine being late. As has been common recently, it’s because of other commitments—ones which can’t be ignored—getting in the way of spending time where we’d like to, instead of where we have to.

Last month’s double-plus issue seems to have been well-received, with a good amount of positive feedback on our stated commitment to supporting 2300AD for Traveller. We’ll continue that support to the extent that we get material for it, and the same is true of other Traveller settings, such as Babylon 5 (which has two articles in this issue), the 2000AD properties (Strontium Dog and Judge Dredd), and the forthcoming Prime Directive. To turn around a well-known line from a popular movie, “If it comes, we will print it.”.

Shannon Appelcline’s reviews of fiction, published under the subheading of “Off the Table”, appear to have been exhausted—at least, we’ve not found any new ones, nor has he sent us any. That doesn’t mean that “Off the Table” will disappear; Your Humble Editor will be turning his pen to some similar reviews, and we have hope that others will be doing so as well—a recent conversation on one of the many Traveller forums holds out hope for some others from yet another reviewer.

As usual, we can always use material of any sort—we’ve got several sets of guidelines, on the website and the inside back cover of each issue (and someday we’ll rationalize them all into one consistent posting. Meanwhile, if you have ideas or questions, and aren’t sure… write and ask. The answer will probably be something along the lines of “gimme!”). Don’t worry about size; we can use short articles to fill out small gaps, and large articles have a richness all their own, possibly earning them “Featured Article” status.

TravellerCon/USA is in November (Armistice Day weekend) this year, a little later than it has been in past years. Your Humble Editor is planning on being there, for the third time, and this time, there may be an “official” Freelance Traveller presence. We encourage everyone who can get to Lancaster, PA, to do so and join the fun; you’ll get to meet new and old friends, play Traveller, and make the Con organizers, vendors, and hotel happy.