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October 2010

October 2010 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Essay Question   Jeff Zeitlin
Critics' Corner Mongoose Traveller: Compendium 1 Jeff Zeitlin
Starblazer Adventures “kafka”
Fifth Imperium #13: Genre-ic Plot Seeds, Part Three: The Wacky Ones Shannon Appelcline
The Shipyard Solomani Naval Doctrine Kevin Walsh
Less Dangerous Game Dombrowskis Lion Scott Diamond
Doing It My Way Stargates: Suitable for Traveller Mark Barner
In A Store Near You Kwil

Jeff Zeitlin

Active Measures By Force of Arms Michael Brown

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From the Editor

First, another apology and our thanks for putting up with yet another delayed issue. This time, a little bit of real life got in the way; the editor has been temporarily reassigned at his day job, and even though he has slightly more time in the evenings to work on the magazine, the demands of the new assignment have meant that he gets fewer—and shorter—breaks during the day when he can work on it.

Second: We’re committed—Freelance Traveller will be at TravellerCON/USA in Lancaster, PA, the weekend of October 15 16 17, 2010. We’re looking forward to meeting some of our fans there—and some of the vendors whose products we’re fans of. Come join the fun!

Third, more thanks—as usual, the community has been coming through with good material, well-written, for us to put into Freelance Traveller. Thirty-two pages this month makes this one of the largest issues—if not the largest—so far published. Once again, that says a lot about the Traveller community.

Fourth… We’ve got so many projects “on the back burner” that we’ve decided that we need some technical help for what should be one of the smaller projects. To that end, we’re asking that anyone who can (and is willing to) help us design a database, and anyone that can (and is willing to) write PHP code to query a database, please contact us at tech@freelancetraveller.com.

Finally… Cover art. This has actually been the hardest thing to come by for us, and this month, we’ve resorted to one of NASA’s Astronomy Pictures of the Day (we chose one that we know has no rights issues based on NASA’s own policies). We know that our previous cover artists have set a high standard, but that’s no reason to concede the field to them—try your hand at doing some Traveller art; you may be surprised at just how well you can do if you make the effort without letting your self-comparison to others get in the way...