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Type M TL15 Scout/Courier

This article originally appeared in the April 2013 issue.

The IISS “Type M” is the long-overdue replacement for the venerable Type S Scout/Courier. It includes 50% more armor and a model/4 computer. The larger computer allows for a highly automated (and thus smaller) bridge. The ship is designed for long duration picket, interdiction, scouting, and courier duty. It has a standard cargo hold, unlike the Type S, which enables installation of modules. Typical modules installed include lab modules, long range sensor packages, advanced probe drones, etc. When on picket duty, collapsible fuel tanks and consumables are installed to increase endurance by 1 to 4 months. The collapsible fuel tankage allows an additional J-2 and increases the unrefueled scouting and courier ranges by 100% over the Type S. Often, the collapsible tanks are filled with 12 dtons of water which is refined during jump to yield 20 Dtons of fuel for the J-Drive. This leaves 12 tons of cargo space available while giving the ship 2J2 capability. Luxuries are included for automated food prep, laundry, entertainment, etc., on long assignments. There is a sick-bay equipped with an Autodoc and an Emergency Low Berth, allowing for field care of injured crew. For all this, the ship is still cramped, with narrow corridors and low A-Deck ceilings.

IISS Scout/Courier Type M – TL 15 Tons Price (Cr.)
Hull 100 Tons Streamlined Hull 3; Structure 3   3,300,000
Armour Bonded Superdense 6 Points 5 950,000
Jump Drive A Jump 2 Fast-Cycle 7.5 22,000,000
Manoeuvre Drive A Thrust 2   1.5 8,000,000
Power Plant A     3 16,000,000
Bridge Compact   5 630,000
Computer Model/4 Rating 20   4,250,000
Electronics Advanced +1 DM 3 1,600,000
Weapons Hardpoint #1 Triple Beam Laser (Long Range, Accurate) 1 7,000,000
Fuel 24 Tons One Jump 2 and 4 Weeks of operation 24  
2 Fuel Processors 2 Tons 12 Hours 2 100,000
Fuel Scoops Yes      
Cargo 24 tons   24  
4 Staterooms     16 2,000,000
Extras Ship's Locker      
  E Low Berth   1 100,000
  Luxuries   1.5 100,000
  Autodoc 14   1 950,000
  Grav Car 15   4 250,000
  Escape Pod   0.5 100,000
Software Maneuver/0      
  Jump Control/2     160,000
  Intellect     800,000
  Fire Control/1     1,400,000
  Evade/1     700,000
Maintenance Cost (monthly)       Cr5,280
Life Support Cost (monthly)       Cr8,000
Total Tonnage and Cost     100 Cr63,351,000