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When running/playing in an adventure, do you feel that accuracy should take precedence over story, or vice-versa? Why?

“kafka” answers, in the November 2010 issue:

Accuracy is important in Traveller. As it is a Hard Space Opera, it is grounded in the real world as much as it does have the elements of the fantastical. I play with real world science in mind; true, handwaves are necessary to explain some things but again grounding it in the real world keeps the game authentic. Notwithstanding, RPGs are power trips (even low powered ones like Traveller) for the ego, therefore, the relationship between fun and accuracy is that fun should trump accuracy if the fun is accurate. Similarly, when it comes to special effects, everyone knows that players cannot hear the lasers or ships do not go: “w-whosh-sh-sh” but these are effects that people expect and help form the mental images for enjoyable play. Therefore, they certainly should be used in the course of play, because it adds to the excitement and thrill in the adventure even if it is not accurate.