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September/October 2019


September/October 2019 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Theme Issue: Vargr
Critics’ Corner Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition: Element Cruiser Boxed Set Jeff Zeitlin
2300ad: French Arm Adventures Megan Robertson
Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition: Reach Adventure 2: Theories of Everything “the Guvnor”
Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition: Reach Adventure 4: Last Flight of the Amuar Megan Robertson
Doing It My Way Character Generation Rules: Deep Space Rescue Corps: A Career for Classic and MegaTraveller Greg Alan Caires
Navigation in Traveller: The 100-Diameter Limit Dan Corrin
Technology Rules: Getting Around in Traveller Frank Miskevich
Multi-Skills, or Skills as Certifications Brian Jones
Raconteurs Rest Smoke Test: Once in a Blue Moon [Part 3] Michael Capriola and C.A.Pela
Less Dangerous Game Leliax Benedikt Schwarz
Kurishdam The Club Room: The Ziranii: A Vilani Psionics Society Jason Kemp
Lecture Hall and Library: Battle Dress User Interface at Higher Tech Levels Jeff Schwartz
Traveller By The Byte Vilani Speech Synthesis with SSML (Download Code) Jeff Zeitlin
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #40: My Babies Timothy Collinson
The Lab Ship Tidally-Locked Planets Mark S. McCabe

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From the Editor

There’s one problem with living on a planet that has a rotational cycle of only 24 hours: You can’t squeeze 30 hours per day of work, errands, helping mom clean up and set up from house renovation, helping mom shop, and putting together the magazine when you only get those 24 hours. It happens. But the issue is here, the last before TravellerCON/USA, and we’re hoping to see as many of you in Morgantown as can get there. Come play with us, and thank you for all of the material you’ve produced that has appeared in our pages!