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The Church of the Creator

This article was originally posted to the pre-magazine Freelance Traveller website in 2004, and reprinted in the September/October 2019 issue.

The Church of the Creator is a Vargr faith based on a simple premise, that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and worship is just flattery of the divine. From that idea, a simple and utopian form of religion was begun. The best and most sincere way to worship is to imitate the Creator by creating, or at least caring for the Creator’s finished work.

Creation can be thought of as building ideas and things. The fine craftsmanship of a woodworker is just as worthy as the writing of a fine novel. The finished product becomes less important than the careful act of making something new. The love that one instills in the finished work is evidence that one wishes to be like the Creator. Does not a child imitate his father in order to be like him? Once every sentient being attains that end, paradise will come.

As a workman’s tools allow him to create, they are treated as holy relics. The finest care is given to them and it is not unusual to hear prayers uttered over them. As tools allow us to create, so we, as the Creator’s tools allow him to create. We must hone our bodies and minds, ready for his use. No tool is less important than any other and all tools have their own purpose and use.

The goal of any follower is to continuously improve any and all things made by sentient beings. Once perfection is attained in an object, we may humbly offer it up to the Creator for judgement. Of course we can never come close to his works but the main thing is to try with humbleness and a willingness to always try to achieve better.

The Church of the Creator believes that The Church of the Chosen Ones are heretical as they claim that they are chosen for greatness because they were purposefully made by the Ancients. How foolish! All sentient beings were purposefully made by the Creator as his tools for shaping the universe as he sees fit. No tool is more important than any other. All are used, though perhaps not as we expect. Even the Ancients were purposefully made by the Creator. By putting the Ancients on a pedestal, they worship the candle while ignoring the candlemaker. The Church of the Chosen Ones represent broken tools that must either be mended or thrown back into the furnace to be recast anew.