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July/August 2018


July/August 2018 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Articles
Critics’ Corner Touchstone and Afawahisa Jeff Zeitlin
Manhunters: Bounty Hunters in Clement Sector Steve Attwood
High Guard: Deployment Shuttle Megan Robertson
Alien Breeds Omer G. Joel
Doing It My Way Character Genertion Rules: Traveller’s Aide: A Basic Career for Classic Traveller Greg Alan Caires
Low-Prep Adventure Design Bill White and Mel White
Active Measures The Edge of Humanity Timothy Collinson
Less Dangerous Game Echmerial and Incorial Benedikt Schwarz
The Shipyard Classic Traveller Designs: Horosha-class (Type S) Scout/Courier and Tansaki-class (Type J) Seeker Matt Frisbee
Raconteurs’ Rest The Adventures of Gerry Fynne: [Part 13] and [Part 14] Sam Swindell
Predator Robert Weaver
The Prep Room Jottings: #5: Sumptuary Laws and Customs Jeff Zeitlin
Multimedia Gallery The Spacer’s Hymn Timothy Collinson
In A Store Near You Keratofibre Spray Benedikt Schwarz
Up Close and Personal Alistair Plankwell Cantor David Shayne

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From the Editor

For many years, Freelance Traveller has had a section that we’ve called the “Multimedia Gallery”. Up until this issue, it hasn’t really lived up to being called anything but “Picture Gallery”. That’s changing, thanks to Timothy Collinson, who was kind enough to send us the sheet music and lyrics for a “Spacer’s Hymn”, along with a MP3 file of the music as played by a software piano. That prompted Your Humble Editor to go digging, and fire up an old music-editing program. The result of that was a MP3 of the hymn being played on an organ. That MP3, rather than Mr Collinson’s original, is linked from this issue’s contents page on our website, and will be linked to the article when it appears on the site. Download it and enjoy it—and take it as encouragement to go beyond plain old flat/static pictures for our Multimedia Gallery.

[After generating the PDFs for this issue, Your Humble Editor went back to the program and played some more with it, and was able to generate a MP3 with synthesized human voices singing Mr Collinson’s lyrics, along with the organ. You can download that MP3 as well.]

Obviously, not everything can be put in the Gallery (a 3-d printed miniature can’t, for example, though the data file for the 3-d software/printer can be), but we’ll also be interested in articles about how you do the (Traveller-related) things that can’t themselves be included in the Gallery, too!