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June/July 2014


June/July 2014 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Featured Article
Critics’ Corner Other People’s Toys: Mindjammer: The Role-Playing Game Jeff Zeitlin
Off the Table: Trader Tales from the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper Kevin Payne
EPIC Adventure 4: Merchant Cruiser Ewan Quibell
Cirque Timothy Collinson
Active Measures Afterday Michael Brown
Raconteurs’ Rest Funny Fish: Choices [Part 4] Andrea Vallance
The Lottery Roger Barr
Doing It My Way Building a Ship’s Financial Profile Jeff Zeitlin
Travelling Alone Dave Cooper
Character Generation Rules: John Law: Character Generation for Classic Traveller/MegaTraveller Russel Bornschlegel
Columns Confessions of a Newbie Referee: #11: Ideas Timothy Collinson
Up Close and Personal Aoungarr Brighteyes Angus McDonald
Kurishdam Lecture Hall and Library: Jump Destination: Breeforth’s Legacy Ken Pick
The Club Room: Iper’mar Nomads Alvin Plummer
The Shipyard Mongoose Traveller Designs: Heriot-, Hare-, and Heyerdahl-class Hyperdrive Merchants Benjamin Pew
In A Store Near You The Showroom: Wood and Tree Grav Bikes Ewan Quibell
Biojewels Jeff Zeitlin
The Promenade: Valshanti’s Spice Experience Walt Smith

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From the Editor

Whew! A lot of articles this issue, so not a lot of room for my usual blather. I’ll make it quick: The June and July issues were combined simply because real life interfered enough that I simply didn’t have the time to get my act—or the June issue—together. For that, I’m sorry; there’s been an implied promise to get an issue out every month, and I’ve occasionally missed. I also don’t particularly like loading an issue with reprints, but I try to make interesting choices when I feel that reprints are necessary. Which gets back to my usual theme: The more you, my readers, write and send in, the less I have to think about reprints—and the richer the entire Traveller community, not just Freelance Traveller, is thereby. Artwork is good, too—the limited amout that’s been printed has been commented on, with wishes for more. I’m here… why aren’t you?