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April 2011


April 2011 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Critics Corner Mongoose Traveller 760 Patrons, Second Edition kafka
Golden Age Starships Compilation 1-5 Jeff Zeitlin
Raconteurs Rest Drop Out (Part 2 and Part 3) Ken Murphy
Up Close and Personal Sohair Chen Ken Murphy
Norman Nescio Jeff Zeitlin
In A Store Near You The Showroom: TL-1 Stagecoach

Ewan Quibell

PersonaCore Expert System Scott Diamond
Active Measures Zen and the Art of Leaving the Planet Peter Arundel
Fifth Imperium #17: Twenty Weeks of Traveller, Part Three: The First Nine Plot Hooks Shannon Appelcline
Multimedia Gallery The BurrowWolf (Chapter Four, Part One) Dave Redington and David Billinghurst
Doing It My Way Traveller House Rules and Background Peter Arundel
Matching the Classic Traveller Tech Tree in GURPS Anthony Jackson

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From the Editor

Recently, we posted a poll in the various forums asking whether we should expand our coverage beyond Traveller, to things like Hyperlite, Diaspora, and so on. The response rate was quite acceptable, but the responses themselves indicated some confusion as to what Freelance Traveller currently covers.

So, for clarification: Freelance Traveller is intended to support anything that is purely Traveller—all of the published rulesets, and all of the published settings—including such settings as Twilight Sector, Babylon 5, Judge Dredd, and Strontium Dog. But, in addition to that, “crossover” articles are fair game for us as well—do you have a “referee’s guide” to using Traveller rules to play in the setting from Space: 1999? That’s within our scope. So too would be “Traveller: 1889”, regardless of whether you’re talking about the Space: 1889 setting with Traveller rules, or vice-versa. And if other settings are formally published in the future—for example, 2300AD using the Mongoose Traveller ruleset—those will be considered valid settings for coverage in Freelance Traveller.

Going slightly further afield, gaming resources that can be mined for Traveller ideas are also fair game—that’s why we reviewed the products that appear under the “Other People’s Toys” heading in Critics’ Corner.

Finally, we’ve made provisions for reviews of fiction that the reviewers think has a “Travelleresque” feel. Beginning in July, we’ll start printing reviews of such fiction under the “Off the Table” heading in Critics’ Corner; Fifth Imperium columnist Shannon Appelcline has already posted some reviews suitable for this section over on RPG.Net, and we’ve obtained permission to reprint them, just as we did with the Fifth Imperium column.

So… expand, or not? If we do, we will do so cautiously, so as not to lose our core identity, which is tied to Traveller, and has been since we were a badly-designed website back in about 1993 with only a few articles and no domain name of our own. Share your thoughts with us; our email at feedback@freelancetraveller.com is always available.