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May 2010

May 2010 Department Article Title Author
From the Editor   Jeff Zeitlin
Essay Question   Jeff Zeitlin
Fifth Imperium #9: Genre-ic Plot Seeds, Part Two Shannon Appelcline
Raconteurs' Rest ...From the Machine: Chapter One Leslie Bates
After-Action Report Aaron Somerville
Doing It My Way Travelling Light Paul Elliott
Multimedia Gallery The BurrowWolf: A Traveller Graphic Novel - Chapter 1 David Billinghurst and Dave Redington
Critics' Corner Mongoose Traveller: The Third Imperium: Sector Map Packs Jeff Zeitlin

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From the Editor

A week before we released this issue of Freelance Traveller, we realized that we had no cover art. So, we posted a message on the TML and the forums we routinely monitor, calling an “impending panic” over it. The volume of artwork offered was astonishing, and we now have a backlog of several amazing covers—and much artwork that, while not quite suitable for covers, is nevertheless quite excellent, and will be appearing in the Multimedia Gallery. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

This issue represents another first for Freelance Traveller: David Billinghurst and Dave Redington have agreed to allow their Traveller graphic novel, The BurrowWolf, to appear in installments in our magazine and on our website. We hope you’ll enjoy their offering, and that you feel that it’s a positive contribution to our magazine.

Speaking of backlogs, Freelance Traveller has a large backlog of Traveller products that “need” to be reviewed. There are several reasons that the editor doesn’t want to have more than one review over his byline in any issue, so we’d appreciate it if some of our readers would pick Traveller products—any version, any era, any setting, any publisher—and write reviews of them for us. We’d also be interested in contributions—of any type—to support the Traveller versions of Babylon 5, Hammer’s Slammers, Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Reign of Discordia, and any other published Traveller-compatible settings out there.

A bit of a warning: Next month, I’m going to take a bit more space for the From the Editor column, and editorialize. I don’t anticipate than anyone is going to actually be offended, but it is different from the normal fluff that appears here. I don’t plan on making it a habit, unless you, the loyal readers, actually would prefer it. In any case, when I do editorialize, you are specifically invited to comment/respond; unless you tell us otherwise, your responses will, at the very least, appear on our website, and selected ones (the best-written, not based on agreement with the editor) printed in the magazine.