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Prior Feedback
Rick Stump writes:
Excellent resource. I played CT back in '80-'86 and recently started up MMT. I'm very excited by the support I find on the www and hope to contribute articles and fiction soon.
Freelance Traveller replies...
Glad to hear it, Rick - and we'll be looking forward to seeing your work!

Michel Vaillancourt writes:
Man, I am IMPRESSED ... And I am not easily impressed by websites.
Excellent resource page. Very, very well laid out, easy to navigate, loaded with wonderful stuff. I'll be telling folks about it!
Freelance Traveller replies...
We're glad you think highly enough of us to be willing to point other people in our direction! We'll try to uphold the standards...

Michael Schaffer writes:
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Freelance Traveller website.
I plan to start a Traveller campaign for Gurps in the near future, and I've been looking at all the Traveller websites I can find. Yours stood out for the useful information it provided. I especially liked the Doing It My Way article on Computer Architecture by Leroy Guatney.
Just wanted to let you know that your work is appreciated.
Freelance Traveller replies...
Thanks for the compliments! Although we've been remiss in actually posting it to the website, feedback like yours is very much appreciated. By the time we finally went through our back correspondence, GURPS Traveller has been released and well-supported for a couple of years; we (and the good folks at SJGames!) hope you've found it useful!

Paul Zumstein writes:
Great site, love the art, stories and gadgets. On some screens (like the feedback and RICE archives) the black strip on the left sits on top of the far left portion of the text.
Freelance Traveller replies...
Got that fixed in one of our redesigns. That was an annoying browser bug!

David Jaques-Watson writes:
Just a quick note to let you know I have updated my Traveller Jump Points page with your new address and mirror sites.
I have rated your site as 5-stars!
As per my message to the TML, please take my ratings with a grain of salt. They do reflect my personal biases but I try to judge on volume (sheer size) and scope (coverage of topics and milieus). Your site has both, especially with the recent revamp of the RICE Papers. I'm just sorry I can't find the original RICE intro you wrote - I thought I saved it to disk, but it's not popping up anywhere.
Anyway, thanks for making your site available. I believe that, as it continues to grow, it will continue to be one of the best examples of Traveller fan sites on the web.
Freelance Traveller replies...
We hope your expectations have been met; certainly, we've been trying to maintain the quality at as high a level as possible! As far as the original RICE intro, that's been found, and incorporated into the site.

R. Barr writes:
Well, I must say I am impressed with your web page. I have been a game master for Traveller for nearly twenty years now, and just recently started surfing the web to find other Traveller fans. I have not had the time to explore the web ring totally, but I had to stop here. Freelance Traveller is well done, full of good tidbits for new and old game enthusiasts alike.
Freelance Traveller replies...
Thank you for the compliments! Our part in it is simply that of an archivist rather than creators; we depend on the Traveller fan community for material.

Thomas Fowler writes:
I have been playing Traveller since 1982 and the Freelance Traveller web site is one of the best Traveller resources I have ever come across. All of you who are responsible are to be commended for an excellent job. Thank you for bringing this site into being.
Freelance Traveller replies...
On behalf of the Traveller community (who are, collectively, responsible for every bit of material on this site), thank you. The role of Freelance Traveller's staff (of one) is simply that of archivist; without the efforts of the Traveller community in creating the material, there'd be no reason for our existence.

Daniel Crowley writes:
Hi - I just came across the site, after deciding to check the web see if Traveller was still going anywhere - and I'm surprised and glad to find a strong and vibrant community which your site support. Thanks for the site, and keep up the good work.
Freelance Traveller replies...
Thanks! Freelance Traveller is just one small part of that vibrant community; check out some of the links in Traveller On The Internet. Also, new Traveller materials are currently being published by Steve Jackson Games (GURPS Traveller), and Marc Miller has been re-releasing the original ('Classic') Traveller materials from GDW under the FarFuture Enterprises imprint.
The Traveller Mailing List is also alive and well; lots of discussion still takes place there - Traveller On The Internet also has information for subscribing.
If you have any ideas for how Freelance Traveller can be improved, or if you have any material you'd like to see in Freelance Traveller, don't hesitate to submit those ideas and materials to us at this address; we're always on the hunt for new, high-quality material. It's not the staff that makes Freelance Traveller what it is; it's our fans, and we like it that way.