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Mubarak-class Corvette


Another escort ship common to the planetary navies of the former Domain of Deneb. The Mubarak (Solomani Arab for "Blessed One") is one of the smallest warships to mount the massive 168 m3 double laser barbettes as standard equipment. The Type E classification is another carry over from the ancient ROM and the Sylean Federation Navy, and refers to small escort warships with 4G acceleration and heavy laser firepower. The ship's enormous cargo capacity is usually custom fitted according to the specifications of the user, most usually add additional firepower by swapping out the smaller barbettes for larger mounts, missiles, troops or even fighters. Traditional practice is for each of the larger barbettes to be operated individually, and the remaining weaponry is MFD controlled; in many past encounters where individual Mubaraks suffered the loss of their fire control, unsuspecting enemies have been lured into a false sense of security, only to be shredded by the heavy battery.

The Mubarak is a sleek isosceles triangle lifting body with few protuberances to break her clean lines. Her internal spaces are more organic. The normal rectilinear monotony of her compartments and corridors broken up by the "spiderweb" arrangement of her crew and bridge spaces, where the centrally located bridge has the crew quarters arrayed in a circular pattern around it. The ship's armament is located aft, the lasers around the engineering section, and the missiles amidships. The cargo bay is broken into three different sections to permit easy customization.

The version described below includes two 20 ton Javelin class fighters for patrol support; other versions include smaller or larger fighters, or ship's boats mated to boarding crews and security detachments. The docking arrangement is asymmetrical, with the smaller docking ring inhabiting the port side, and the hangar dominating the right two-thirds of the hull alongside. Unlike most designs, the launch ports are located in the roof of the vessel, and the fighters are launched sideways like an ejected rifle cartridge.

The Mubarak is most commonly found with planetary navies along the Regency coreward border with the Vargr Extents, primarily because the class is a proprietary General Products design produced in their yards at Efate and Pretoria. The RQS and Regency Navy operate a few for liaison purposes, but the vast majority are seconded to the planetary reserve and roundout forces on standby duty. Various classes of vessels built to the Type E specifications were commonly found throughout the former Imperium, with the largest contingents operating in the Domains of Gateway and Ilelish.

General Data
Displacement: 600 Hull Armor: 165
Length: 62.5 Meters Volume: 8400 m3
Price: 339.825 Mcr Target Size: S
Configuration: Wedge AF Tech Level: 15
Mass (L/E): 7767.91 tons/6267.39 tons
Power Plant: TL-15 1500 MW Fusion (One Year Duration) (300 MW/Hit)
Jump Performance: Jump-3 (560 m3 per parsec, 1680 m3 for J-3)
G-Rating: 4G Heplar (300 MW/G), CG Lifters (Hi-Eff, 60 MW)
G-Turns: 60 (37.5 m3 each), 104.8 using jump fuel
Fuel Tankage: 3930 m3+150 m3 for power plant
Maint: 207
Computer: 3xTL-15Fb (1.1 MW)
Commo: 2x1000 AU Radio (20 MW), 4x1000 AU Maser (0.6 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, Grav/Inertial Positioning, 190 km NOE
Sensors: PEMS 150,000 km Fixed Array (Range:5, 0.25 MW), 210,000 km
Folding Array (Range:7, 0.35 MW), AEMS 3x360,000 km (Range:12, 17 MW)
Workstations: Bridge plus Normal
4x526 MJ Lasers in 2x168 m3 Remote Double Barbettes (Loc:16,17, Arcs:All; 29.22 MW) arranged as two batteries,
2x420 MJ Laser Barbettes (Loc:18,19, Arcs:All; 14.2 MW) arranged as a single battery,
2xRemote Missle Barbettes (Loc:10,11, Arcs:All; 5 Ready Missles, 0.15 MW)
Weapon Performance
526 MJ LB 10:1/18-57 20:1/18-57 40:1/18-57 80:1/18-57
420 MJ LB 10:1/16-51 20:1/16-51 40:1/16-51 80:1/16-51
Fire Control
2xTL-15 msl/bm MFDs (Range:10, -6 DMs, 1 Crew, 0.06 MW)
Life Support: Extended (1.68 MW), AG/GC (6G, 42 MW)
Crew: 25 (2 Maneuver, 2 Electronics, 4 Gunnery, 10 Engineering, 2
Maintenance, 2 Small Craft 3 Command)
Crew Accomodations: 3 Small Staterooms (Single Occupancy), 11 Small
Staterooms (Double Occupancy)
Passenger Accomodations: Varies
Airlocks: 6
Cargo: 499.07 m3, 4 Large Cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 20 ton Javelin Fighter (Docking
Ring), 20 ton Javelin Fighter (Minimal Hangar), 2 Launch Ports
Other Fittings: Varies according to user
Features: Fuel Scoops (10%, 1.17 hours), Fuel Processing Plant (24
hours, 4.913 MW)
2.159 MW Shortfall

System Damage Tables

PP: 5H LS: 20H PEMS: 1H
MD: 2H ELS: 10H LB: 4H/2H
JD: 7H SSR: 2h MB: 1H
CG: 2H AG: 1H EMM: 1H
FPP: 4H MFD: 2h EMMR: (8h)

Damage Location Table

Location Surface Internal
1 1-15: Ant 1-11: Hold, 12-20: Elec
2-3 1-10: Ant, 1: AL 1-5: Elec, 6-20: Qtrs
4-5 1-10: Ant Hold
6-7 1: AL, 2-11: Fuel Scoops 1-2: Qtrs, 3-20: Hold
8-9 1-2: CH Hold
10-11 1-5: Fuel Scoops 1-4: MB, 5-20: Hold
12-13 1-13: L Hold
16-17   1-8: Dbl LB, 9-12: Eng, 13-20: Hold
18-19 1-2: CH 1-4: LB, 5-20: Eng
20 1-11: EMMR 1-3: Elec, 4-17: Eng, 18-20: Hold