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Gotham-class Assault Transport


The Gotham is another fixture of Tech Level 15 colonial navies: a small transport for one to two companies of jump troops. Given that many colonial forces have fewer resources than the old Imperial Navy, and that jump operations are generally either covert or of a rapid deployment nature, the vessel is designed around an independent operation paradigm. Internally the vessel is given completely over to carriage of 240 troops and their drop capsules, which are carried in two massive dorsal bays, split only by the ships meson guns and missile tubes amidships. During jump operations, the ship flips over and fires its capsules in rippling salvoes, in manner reminiscent of old ballistic missile satellites. Decoys are fitted to provide protection of the jump troops against tracking sensors and enemy ground fire. To provide fire support, two non-linear meson gun bays are fitted for use against either ground or space targets, along with four missle tubes. The tubes are dual function, capable of firing either missiles or jump capsules, and the twenty laser comms are used either for missile control or space-to-ground communication with the jump company.

The ship does not normally carry small craft beyond ambulance skiffs for reasons of space constraint, and it is fitted with an airframe hull for quick troop recovery. Many surplus Gothams ended up in the hands of more prosperous mercenary units or their transport subcontractors during the Imperial period, a practice continued by many units operating outside of the Regency of Deneb among the Vargr or various other Spinward States. The ship is a long aerodynamic oval in external appearance. Several hundred of these ships are found in the large TL-15 colonial navies of the Regency of Deneb, particularly Rhylanor and Lunion, and several hundred more serve with the Corellian League Navy.

General Data
Displacement: 3,000 Hull Armor: 165
Length: 115.5 m Volume: 42,000 cu. m.
Price: MCr 1,656.397 Target Size: M
Configuration: Slab AF Tech Level: F (15)
Mass (L/E): 28,747.048 tons/26,376.06 tons
Power Plant: TL-15 8634 MW Fusion (One Year Duration) (300 MW/Hit)
Jump Performance: Jump-3 (2800 m3 per parsec, 8400 m3 for J-3)
G-Rating: 5G Heplar (1500 MW/G), CG Lifters (Hi-Eff, 300 MW)
G-Turns: 56 (187.5 m3 each), 100.8 using jump fuel
Fuel Tankage: 18,900 m3+863.4 m3 for power plant
Maint: 851
Computer: 3xTL-15Fb (1.1 MW)
Commo: 3x1000 AU Radio (20 MW), 3x1000 AU Maser (0.6 MW), 20x300,000 km Laser (Range:10, 0.15 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, Grav/Inertial Positioning, 190 km NOE
Sensors: PEMS 180,000 km Fixed Array (Range:6, 0.2 MW), 240,000 km Folding Array (Range:8, 0.3 MW), AEMS 3x420,000 km (Range:14, 23 MW)
Workstations: 23 Bridge plus 64 Normal
2x3300 MJ 50 ton Meson Bays (Loc:10,11; Arcs:All; 1 Crew, 91.67 MW),
20x220 MJ Laser Barbettes in 10xRemote Barbettes (Loc:2-5, Arcs:1,2,3; Loc:10-11, Arcs:All; Loc:12-15, Arcs: 3,4,5, 6.11 MW) arranged as five batteries,
4xmissle tubes (Loc:1, Arcs:All, 1 ready missile, 0.15 MW) arranged as two batteries with 4xmechanical reloaders in support
Weapon Performance
3300 MJ Meson Bay 1:287 2:235 4:117 8:59
220 MJ DLB 9:1/12-37 18:1/12-37 36:1/12-37 72:1/10-31
Decoys are usually fitted; Meson Screen (PV=520, 3 Crew, 84.5 MW)
Fire Control
7xTL-15 msl/bm MFDs (Range:10, -6 DMs, 1 Crew, 0.06 MW)
Life Support: Extended (8.4 MW), AG/GC (6G, 210 MW)
Crew: 112 (4 Maneuver, 4 Electronics, 13 Gunnery, 3 Screens, 58
Engineering, 6 Maintenance, 3 Small Craft, 15 Command, 3 Stewards, 3 Medics)
Crew Accomodations: 6 Small Staterooms (Single Occupancy), 53 Small Staterooms (Double Occupancy)
Passenger Accomodations: 240 Bunks (Single to Double Occupancy)
Airlocks: 30
Cargo: 845.44 m3, 2 Large Cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 20 ton Camel Mk2 Ambulance Skiff (Docking Ring), One Launch Port; 240 Drop Capsule Launchers
Other Fittings: Sickbay (0.8 MW)
Features: Fuel Scoops (5%, 2.25 hours), Fuel Processing Plant (48 hours, 11.813 MW)
32.257 MW Surplus

System Damage Tables

PP: 29H LS: 58H PEMS: 1H
LB: 2H JD: 34H ELS: 29H
EMM: 5H MScr: 13H MD: 8H
SSR: 2h EMMR: (42h) CG: 6H
AG: 5H MFD: 2h FPP: 9H
SkBy: 1H MSBy: 12H  

Damage Location Table

Location Surface Internal
1 1-11: Ant 1-16: Elec, 17: MslTubes, 18-20: Qtrs
2-5 1-15: Ant, 16: AL 1: LB/Hold, 2-16: Qtrs, 17-20: Hold
6-7 1-5: Ant, 6-10: FScp 1-8: DrpTubes, 9-20: Hold
8-9 1-5: Ant, 6-10: FScp Hold
10 1-2: LP 1: LB/Hold, 2-8: MsBy, 9-11: DckRng, 12-20: Hold
11 1: CH 1: LB/Hold, 2-8: MsBy, 9: Elec, 10-20: Hold
12-13 1-5: Ant 1: LB/Hold, 2-9: DrpTubes, 10-20: Hold
14-15 1-5: Ant 1: LB/Hold, 2-20: Hold
16-17   1-17: Eng, 18-20: Hold
18-19   Hold
20 1-15: EMMR 1-4: Elec, 5-20: Eng