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Ahab-class Interdiction Fighter


The Ahab Interdiction Fighter is a 1132 design, and exclusive to the Regency of Deneb. Mounting a 440 MJ Spinal Meson Gun and combining it with 6G acceleration, the Regency Quarantine Service hoped that it would scour the skies of virus infected merchant ships (and on coincidental occasions, the recalcitrant smuggler). To underline the critical nature of this mission, the class was named after Melville's vengeful whaling captain, who scoured the seas for his nemesis, unto death. Some members of the Regency government questioned this choice of nomenclature, but it seemed logical given its secondary role in intimidating would be smugglers and quarantine runners into reconsidering their career choices. The design is a bit underpowered, and overweight (but not enough for the latter to really matter).

General Data
Displacement: 70 Hull Armor: 132
Length: 37.5 meters Volume: 980 cubic meters
Price: MCr 56.118 Target Size: VS
Configuration: Cylinder AF Tech Level: F (15)
Mass (L/E): 1,051.384 tons/966.218 tons
Power Plant: TL-15 240 MW Fusion (One Year Duration) (200 MW/Hit)
G-Rating: 6G Heplar (35 MW/G), CG Lifters (Hi-Eff, 7 MW)
G-Turns: 67.6 (4.375 m3 each)
Fuel Tankage: 288.75 m3+24 m3 for power plant
Maint: 22
Computer: 2xTL-15Fb (1.1 MW)
Commo: 300,000 km Radio (Range:10, 10 MW), 2x1000 AU Maser (0.6 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, Grav/Inertial Positioning, 190 km NOE
Sensors: PEMS 120,000 km Fixed Array (Range:4, 0.1 MW), AEMS 360,000 km (Range:12, 17 MW)
Workstations: Flight Deck with 6 Normal
440 MJ Spinal Meson Gun (Loc:1, Arcs:1, 1 Crew, 12.22 MW),
Missle Turret (Loc:10, Arcs:All, 2 Ready Missles, 0.15 MW)
Weapon Performance:
440 MJ Meson Gun 1:105 2:79 4:39 8:20
None, Though Decoys are often fitted
Fire Control
Local Control
Life Support: Extended (0.196 MW), AG/GC (6G, 4.9 MW)
Crew: 6 (1 Maneuver, 1 Electronics, 2 Gunnery, 1 Engineering, 1 Commander)
Crew Accomodations: 3 Small Staterooms (Double Occupancy)
Airlocks: 1
Cargo: 18.664 m3 plus six missles, Large Cargo Hatch
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Other Fittings: None
Features: Fuel Scoops (7.5%, 1 hour)
26.017 MW Shortfall

System Damage Tables

PP: 1H SSR: 2h MT: 1H
MD: 1H AG: 2h  
CG: 3h EMM: 2h  
LS: 3H EMMR: (1h)  
ELS: 2H MG: 3H  

Damage Location Table

Location Surface Internal
1 1-17: Ant, 18-19: AL 1-11: MG, 12-20: Elec
2-3 Ant 1-11: MG, 12-20: Elec
4-5 1-3: Ant, 4-18: Fl Scp 1-10: Elec, 11-20: Qtrs
6-7   1-11: MG, 12-19: Qtrs, 20: Hold
8-9   1-8: Qtrs, 9-20: Hold
10   1-17: MT, 18-20: Qtrs
11 1-6: CH Hold
12-13   1-11: MG, 12-20: Hold
14-15   Hold
16-19   1-6: Eng, 7-17: MG, 18-20: Hold
20 1-6: EMMR 1-9: Eng, 10-20: Hold