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Type S(b) Fast and S(k) Deep Scouts

This article originally appeared in the September 2013 issue.


Type S(b) Fast Scout  TL-15
100 ton streamlined needle w/scoops and fuel purifier
Jump Drive (3) Jump-3
Maneuver Drive (3) 3-G (Agility 3/Emer agility 3)
Power Plant (5) (EP=5)
Fuel 35 tons
Cargo 10 tons
Computer Model 2bis (CPU-6/ Storage-0)
Vehicles Air/Raft
Weapons 1 Triple Turret typically armed w/2 Beam Lasers and sandcaster
Staterooms 3
Low Berths 2
Crew: 1 (Captain/Pilot)

Type S(b) Scouts are faster than the Type S, but trade mission space and duration for fuel capacity, drive, and powerplant to stay within the same size hull. As with the standard Type S, the ship can be manned easily by a single pilot, though a gunner may be carried for security reasons if the ship is armed. This type almost always is since it is designed to act as a fast, gunned courier for the military services. The ship also acts as an intelligence gathering ship for inserting and extracting intel officer deep behind enemy lines. The two low berths can be used for extraction or rescue operations.


Type S(k) Deep Survey Scout  TL-15
150 ton streamlined wedge w/scoops and fuel purifier
Jump Drive (4) Jump-4
Maneuver Drive (2) 2-G (Agility 2/Emer agility 2)
Power Plant (7) (EP=7)
Fuel 67 tons
Cargo 10 tons
Computer Model 4 (CPU-8/ Storage-15)
Vehicles Air/Raft
Weapons 1 Double Beam Laser Turret
Staterooms 4
  Autodoc w/ 1 capacity
Crew: 4 (Captain/Pilot, Navigator, Engineer, Turret Gunner)

Type S(k) Deep Survey Scout are the latest design for long range exploration. They are equipped with increased computer power and extra-long range sensors (+50% increase in range and sensitivity) for surveys and mapping of uncharted space.