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Xulina-class Passenger Shuttle

The 50 ton Passenger Shuttle is a commonly used shuttle for transportation of passengers to various points on a world, to a space station, or spaceship. The Passenger Shuttle is the second fastest among the fleet of shuttles at 4G's. Luxury is for those in High passage, Business Coach for Middle passage, and regular coach for Low passage, with varying amounts of space for each class. The large Holodisplay is for the passengers in 1st class to enjoy movies on long flights. A medic is on board in case of minor injuries. For passenger comfort pillows, blankets, earphones, and complementary drinks are provided.

Craft Id
Passenger Shuttle, Type NY, TL 16, MCr 49.030 (Prototype Model), MCr 39.224 (Commercial Production), Architects fee: Cr 490.300
45/113, Disp = 50 tons, Config = 6A, Armor = 40G Unloaded = 365 tons, Loaded = 422 tons
5/6, Fusion = 743Mw, Duration = 5/15
12/16, Maneuver=4, Top Speed=3,400kph (V), NOE=200kph, Cruise=2,295kph, Top=3,060kph, Agility=4
Radio = System
Active EMS=Planetary (50,000kph), Passive EMS=Interplanetary (1AU), Environ Sensor, Magnetic Sensor V.Dist, ActObjScan=Diff, ActObjPin=Diff, PasObjScan=Imp, PasObjPin=Imp, PasEngScan=Rout, PasEngPin=Imp
Hard Point=1, DefDM=8
Computer 5 x 2, Panels=Basic Mech x 20, Electronic x 20, Dynamic Linked x 50, Special Add-Ons=Heads-Up Display x 2, Large Holodisplay x 1, Environ=Basic Env, Basic LS, Ext LS, Grav Plates, Air Lock, Inertial Compensators
Crew=5 (Bridge=2, Stewards=2, Medical=1), Passengers=High Passage x 9, Seats=Roomy x 10, Middle Passage x 58, Seats=Adequate x 62, Low Passage x 20, Seats=Cramped x 20
Cargo=154.342Kltrs, Fuel=42Kltrs, ObjSize=Average, EMLevel=Moderate