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Urntia-class Planetoid Tanker

This article originally appeared in the April 2014 issue.


CraftID: Tanker, Type TP, TL10, Cr453,392,500
Hull: 45000/112500, Disp=50,000, Conf=8USL, Armor=50P, Unloaded=621,222.414 tons, Loaded=664,801.087 tons
Power: 90/180, Fusion=8604Mw, Dur=5583/16749
Loco: 16402/32805, Maneuver=0.1, Cruise=90kph (Vacuum only), Top=120kph (Vacuum only), Agility=0
Comm: Radio=Syst×3, Laser=Syst×3, Maser=Syst
Sensors: PassEMS=Interst, ActEMS=FarOrbit, Rad=VDist×5, Headlight×50, ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PasObjScan=Form, PasEngScan=Rout
Off: Missile=xx4
  Batt    1
  Bear    1
Def: DefDM=+2
Control: Computer=Mod3×3, Panel=dynlink×1245, Special=HeadsUp×10, Env=BasicEnv, BasicLS, ExtLS, grav plates (accom only)
Accom: Crew=16, (Bridge=3, Engineer=4, Gunnery=3, Flight=4, Command=2), Small Staterooms=50, SubCraft=1000 ton Loch-class fuel shuttle, 20 ton Glen-class launch×4
Other: Cargo=3,225.913 kl, Fuel=576,468 kl, Fuel Purification Plant (purifies tankage in 2882 hours), No Fuel Scoops, ObjSize=Large, EmLevel=Strong, Battery Round=12 missiles, Magazines=32 ton magazine (30 battery-rounds), No Inertial Compensators
Comment: Triple Turret Missile×4, Tunnelled volume=607,500 kliters, Excess power=4.964Mw, Construction Time=192 weeks single, 144 weeks multiple; Price is not discounted

The Urntia is the first in the new class of fuel storage tankers produced by Darnikki LCC in the Darnikki system of Home County and resulted directly from the purchase of numbers of military surplus Loch-class fuel shuttles. While there is only one 1,000-ton craft bay the Urntia works with a number of shuttles each of which docks and unloads in turn.

The specification of the Urntia is somewhat unusual for a number of reasons. It has only limited manoeuvre capability (0.1G) that is only needed for station keeping once the craft is in position. There are no inertial compensators install as the tanker can’t achieve significant changes in acceleration, and this has resulted in grav plating only being installed into the accommodation sections. The design requirements for fuel processing were only to provide refined fuel for the tanker itself and for its complement of Loch shuttles, although the plant could process the whole of the fuel stored if needed. The plant can process more fuel (200 kliters/h) than is needed by the power plant and can provide enough fuel for a Loch in 6.5 hours. While not processing fuel for the Urntia or the Lochs the plant is used to remove impurities from the hydrocarbons it stores, which is done far quicker than processing fuel. The 15+ year duration is calculated from the complete fuel tankage however it is never expected that the Urntia will ever have empty fuel tanks. The crew specified does not include those of the Loch shuttles associated with the tanker, or their relief crews who take limited r&r onboard the Urntia.

The Urntia’s primary mission is the storage of gas giant skimmed hydrocarbons for export to the Home system.

The Loch and the Glen are by Antony Farrell and full specifications can be found at http://www.skaran.net/megatraveller/megindex.html