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Swiftsure-class Fleet Reconnaissance Cruiser

This design is for MegaTraveller Tech Level 15

CraftID: Swiftsure Class Fleet Reconnaisance Cruiser, TL 15, Mcr. 913.7
   Hull: 80/200, Disp=1200tons, Config=3SL, Armor=40G

         Unloaded=12294 tons,  Loaded=13553 tons
  Power: 52/103, Primary Fusion=7947Mw, Duration=30 days
         Secondary Fusion=6012Mw, Consumption=3 Kl/Hr.
   Loco: 6/13, Manuver=3G, 6/11, Jump=6,
         NOE=190kph, Cruise=2137.5kph, Top=2850kph, Agility=0
  Commo: Radio=System, LaserComm=System, Maser=System
Sensors: ActEMS=Far Orbit, PassiveEMS=Interstellar, EMSJammer=Far Orbit,
         LoPen=250m, HiPen=1km, Neutrino=100kw
         ActObjScan=Routine, ActObjPin=Routine
         PasObjScan=Routine, PasObjPin=Routine
         PasEngScan=Simple, PasEngPin=Routine
    Off: Beamlaser=xx4
    Def: DefDM +9
Control: Computer=9/fibx3, Panel=Holodynamic Linked x43
         Special=HeadsUpHolo x20, Special=LargeHoloDisp x1
         Basic Env, Basic LS, Ext LS, Air Locks x 4, Grav Plates,
          Inertial Comp
 Accomm: Crew=12 (Bridge=2, Engineering=2,
         Flight Crew=6, Troops=4, Command=2, )
         Sm. Stateroomsx4, Lg. Stateroomsx4, Sick Bay x 1, Bunksx4
         Probe Shop x 1
         SubCraft=Gig (20 Ton)x2,
         LaunchTube=2 tons
  Other: Cargo=702 kl. (52 tons), Fuel=8531 kl.
         ObjSize=Large, EmLevel1=Faint, EM Level2=Faint

The Swiftsure is part of the layered scouting mission conducted by the fleet Reconnaissance Arm of the Imperial Navy.  Each numbered fleet generally conducts reconnaissance along any flank that is not covered by another, adjacent fleet out to as much as 12 parsecs.  This vessel is at the outer limit of that scouting footprint.   Doctrine dictates somewhat heavier units closer to the fleet, available to back this unit up or investigate its disappearance if necessary.

With its high jump capacity, and large store of jump torpedos (standard load is 100, using 20 tons of the available cargo), this ship will stay on station on the extreme flank of a numbered fleet, acting as early warning against an enemy's flank attack, or searching out the enemy fleet.

If elements of an enemy (or potential enemy) is detected, this ship's mission is to remain in system, ready to run, and send intelligence back to the main fleet on a frequent basis.  For that reason, this ship is generally equipped with the best available stealthing technology, and excellent sensors.  Weapons are concentrated on self-protection, although battles between scouting elements of opposing fleets are not uncommon, and can be very important to the outcome of a war.

These units rarely act alone because of the critical nature of their mission, but generally one vessel will go "visible" and the other will remain as stealthy as possible.

Another typical tactic; since a jumping vessel creates a detectable sensor footprint, a jump torpedo may be dropped "dead" in a systems jump point and activated via laser comm at some later time, loaded with information, and sent off remotely.  This tactic prevents the recon cruiser from being spotted in the vicinity of the distinctive "jump signature" created by the torp.  This occasionally results in lost or abandoned torpedos.

Note that the term "cruiser" is used in place of the term "scout" to prevent confusion with the Scout Service.

Design Notes;  There are two Gigs (20 tons) that can act as ship's boats and as secondary sensor platforms as needed.

Jump Torpedo

CraftID: Heretic Class Jump Torpedo, TL 15, Mcr. 0.47
   Hull: 1/1, Disp=0.2tons, Config=3USL, Armor=40G

         Unloaded=2 tons,  Loaded=3 tons
  Power: 1/3, Primary Fusion=0.38Mw, Duration=12 days
   Loco: 1/2, Manuver=1G, 1/2, Jump=5,
         NOE=0kph, Cruise=900kph, Top=1200kph, Agility=0
  Commo: Radio=Planetary, LaserComm=Planetary
Sensors: PassiveEMS=Interplanetary
         ActObjScan=N/A, ActObjPin=N/A
         PasObjScan=N/A, PasObjPin=Routine
         PasEngScan=Routine, PasEngPin=N/A
    Def: DefDM +2
Control: Computer=0x1, Panel=Holodynamic Linked x1
 Accomm: Crew=0
  Other: Cargo=0 (0 tons), Fuel=1 kl.
         ObjSize=Small, EmLevel1=Moderate, EM Level2=Moderate

This jump torpedo allows the Imperial Navy scouting elements to remain in contact with a fleet main body without themselves travelling to the fleet's location.

The torp is basically a jump drive with controls communications gear, and a small computer attached.  It can follow a preprogrammed set of instructions to reach a particular area of space at its destination world where it is drained of data via commo gear, and picked up by a naval vessel for reuse.

Reliability of this unit is higher than with previous genertion jump torps, but still not ideal.  Generally, one in 10 is lost either through misjump or glitches in the approach at the destination system.  This makes the jump torpedo less-than profitable for the Scout Service or other commercial ventures except in certain special circumstances.  Standard operating procedure is for a ship sending information by jump torp to send two such torpedos to two seperate relay systems to ensure a high chance of delivery.

On board systems are capable of determining position, executing a jump, signaling when a friendly IFF is detected, and plotting a course towards a given destination.  Data on board is always protected by navy level encryption schemes.