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Reddoch-class Experimental Merchant

This article originally appeared in the July 2013 issue.

Author’s Note: This is a merchant that uses Jump Capacitors aka ANNIC NOVA/Black Globe to power the jump drives in stead of fuel.

It’s extremely heretical because if used would likely break the Traveller economic model as we know it especially with a larger ship. The lack of jump fuel saves Cr1,000 per trip (unrefined fuel costs) and enables an additional Cr10,000 in extra revenues, giving a net revenue gain of Cr11,000 per trip. Also turn around time is as quicker as you only need to load the cargo, because the jump capacitors are already full. Refuelling is needed only once per month.

The Reddoch Class Experimental Merchant uses Jump Capacitors to power the jump drive, and charges these with the excess 10.55 Mw of its fusion plant. The jump capacitors are thus charged in 6 days allowing them to be filled while the ship is in jump. Like all craft with standard gravatic drives the Reddoch suffers away from planetary masses, and its acceleration drops to 1G past 10 diameters.


CraftID: Merchant, Type AZ, TL10, Cr 49,083,077
Hull: 90/275, Disp=100, Config=1SL, Armour=40E, Unloaded=1070.228tons, Loaded=1883.2355tons
Power: 5/10, Fusion=442.5Mw, Duration=30/90
Loco: 5/10, Maneuver=2 StdGrav, 2/4, Jump=1, NOE=140kph, Cruise=900kph, Top=1,080kph, Agility=0
Comm: Radio=Sys×3, Laser=Sys×3, Maser=Sys×3
Sensors: ActEMS=FarOrbit, PassEMS=Interstellar, ActObjScan=Rout, ActObjPin=Rout, PasObjScan=Form, PassObjPin=Imp,
Off: Hardpoint=1
Def: DefDM=+2
Control: Computer=1bis×3, Panel=DynLink×109, Special=HeadsUp disp×2, Electronic Circuit Protection, Env=BasicEnv, BasicLS, extLS, grav plates, inertial compensators,
Accom: Crew=1, (Bridge/Engineer=1), Staterooms=4, Seats=Adequate×2, AirLock
Other: Cargo=801.2645kl, Fuel=159.3kl (30 days), Jump Capacitors=1462.5Mwh, Fuel Purification Plant (12 hrs), ObjSize=Average, Fuel Scoops (fill tanks in 36 minutes), EmLevel=None,
Comment: Construction Time=40 weeks single, 32 weeks multiple